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10 Practical Ways to Make Your Move Eco-Friendly

Being eco-friendly is the buzzword globally. According to Reuters news, the C3S has confirmed that 2023 happened to be the hottest year since 1850 in terms of global temperature records. Such drastic changes in the environment are occurring because we are not aware of the responsibility that each of us has towards the environment.

From Google to Apple to Tata to Tesla, the biggest global brands are making an effort to become as eco-friendly as possible. Just expecting the companies to take on this responsibility is not enough. All over the world, all communities and individuals need to be more aware of environmental problems. Whenever you have an opportunity, you must try to go for environmentally friendly options.

If we talk about moving, you have the opportunity to plan your relocation so that you can contribute to the environment, or at least make choices that do not harm the environment. But how? You must be curious about how you can make your move more eco-friendly.  Do not worry if you are unaware of such eco-friendly tips, as this content piece will help you with everything you need to make your move eco-friendly.

So let’s get started!

Tips for making the move environmentally friendly

1. Declutter and downsize

If you moved earlier, this tip should not surprise you. By decluttering, you reduce the amount of stuff you need to pack and move, which means less fuel will be needed for transportation. This leads to a lower carbon footprint. Moreover, deciding not to move unwanted items will help them avoid ending up in landfills.

Decluttering and downsizing also encourage people to donate, resell, or repurpose their possessions. It means that possessions get a second chance and are helpful for the environment. Furthermore, when you have less stuff in your new place, it means that you will not have to clean as much as you used to earlier, and with this, energy consumption in the long run will be considerably lower.

2. Use recycled packing material

With the advancement of technology, people can use recyclable packing materials, including boxes, ropes, tapes, bags, and even packing papers. If you have the intention to make your relocation an environmentally friendly affair, you can go online or visit an offline store to get recyclable, environmentally friendly packing material. In India, Flipkart and Amazon are the perfect places to purchase them.

3. Reuse and repurpose packing material

This is another excellent tip for you. Instead of buying new boxes, you can use old ones from your friends, acquaintances, relatives, and people around you. You can also give it to the plastic bean briefcases available at your home blanket towers to make your move a less harmful affair for the environment.

4. Go for efficient packing

You can determine the number of boxes and packing materials needed for your use by going for efficient packing. Here you can make a list of the goods you will move after decluttering. Make a planned arrangement in which you can put the maximum number of your possessions in the minimum number of packing boxes. With this strategy, you will reduce the number of packing boxes and packing materials needed for your relocation and the number of tips needed to move your goods. Consequently, your spending will also come down.

5. Hire a green moving company

The responsibility of opting for an eco-friendly solution for the moving purpose is not only the responsibility of the client but also of the packers and movers company. There are ways in which moving and packing companies can make their working environment friendly.

For example, they can use fuel-efficient vehicles, recycle packing materials, and ensure that their fleet of vehicles is properly maintained to cause minimum noise and air pollution. You can go online and search for such green moving companies.

In your search, you can use the 6 Packers and Movers platform, which helps with all types of moving companies, including green packers and movers types of services. However, in India, most companies in the relocation business do not follow this practice. Because of this, the options that come your way are likely to be a smaller number.

6. Consider alternate transportation options

If you are relocating locally and can move some or all of your belongings using alternative transportation such as a bike, rickshaw, or even a walk, you can help the environment. It will happen because your carbon footprint will be low, and because of alternate methods of transportation, you will be responsible for reducing emissions. If you want to travel long distances, consider railway transportation services. However, railway transportation services for moving are not feasible for all types of goods.

7. Local and sustainable

When furnishing your new home, you can take a step to try to make it an eco-friendly move. You know how? You can try to buy used furniture or shop at a local sustainable store. This will reduce the number of goods you are bringing to the new location and help you complete an eco-friendly move.

8. Get rid of extra stuff by using the local guidelines

When decluttering and downsizing, you will get rid of some of your belongings. If you choose to recycle your belongings, make sure you follow the local regulations. Generally, the local guidelines are created according to the local environment and related circumstances. By following such norms, you are likely to make a contribution to the environment while recycling.

9. Opt for energy-efficient solutions at your new home

Once you have completed your move, make a point to use only energy-efficient electronics and electrical appliances at your new place. Moreover, you can switch off the LED bulbs and electronics when they are not in use. By unplugging appliances that are in an idle state, you can put your foot forward in your effort to make your move environment-friendly. The effort does not end with using energy-efficient appliances. Additionally, you can make it better by opting for water-saving steps such as taking a shorter shower and using cold water to wash the clothes.

10. Take care of your plants

Not many movers and packers take on the responsibility of moving plants. If you complete this part of your relocation, you will certainly make your moving goods process environmentally friendly. You can either move your plants on your own or use a moving company that can take care of them. However, if you are facing difficulty in either, there is no harm in finding new owners. They can be your friends, neighbors, or anyone who loves plants. Take the help of a local nursery to move plants if you face any problems.


The environmental issue is a big talking point all over the world. It should be, as it affects the whole planet. Every effort to contribute to nature and the environment is welcome. In this regard, the relocation of goods is not an. Exception. This blog post discusses 10 such steps that can assist you in making your relocation process eco-friendly.

In your pursuit of making your move, you will need credible and efficient movers and packers in Mumbai. In this regard, you may place your trust in the 6 Packers and Movers platform, which helps you find and contact the most credible information on the nearest moving companies.

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FAQs For Eco-Friendly Move

What Makes Downsizing And Clutter Removal Crucial For An Environmentally Conscious Move?

Less stuff means less packing and transportation, which makes decluttering and downsizing essential for an environmentally friendly move. This leads to a decrease in the fuel used, lowering the carbon footprint. Moreover, decluttering promotes appropriate disposal practices, like item donation or repurposing, which keep things out of landfills.

How Can I Use Packing Materials To Make A Move More Environmentally Friendly?

By using recyclable and recycled packing materials, you can help make moving more environmentally friendly. Look for environmentally friendly options online or at stores like Flipkart and Amazon. To minimize the need for new materials and their impact on the environment, you should also think about reusing packing materials by obtaining boxes from friends or acquaintances.

Where Can I Find A Green Moving Company For An Eco-Friendly Move?

Search online platforms like 6 Packers and Movers, which specialize in various moving services, including eco-friendly choices, to discover a green moving company. Green movers prioritize environmentally friendly techniques such as employing fuel-efficient cars, recycling packaging materials, and operating a fleet with little noise and air pollution.

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