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15 Tasks For Moving Day That You Should Know About

You have contracted a packer and mover company, and your moving day is nearing. You know that most of the work is going to be completed by the hired relocation service; however, it is not like you are done with your responsibilities. Even after hiring a company for your relocation day, you can still contribute to your task by becoming more responsible, which will make the whole process a lot smoother and, at the same time, help you complete it quickly and more efficiently.

But what are these moving-day tasks you need to be aware of? This blog will help you with the same, and by the time you complete reading it, you will have information on tasks you can take care of as consumers to make your moving day easier.


1. Plan your schedule so you do not remain absent on the moving day

If someone has been the central point of planning and execution of your move, you must make sure that they are present and available on the day of moving. But why is it important? It is because the packers and movers company may need directions and instructions, and they are likely to have questions in the process of moving that the person who has been in charge means you can answer best.

For example, the packers and movers company may need to arrange extra manpower and need your consent, or they may want to know about the placement of goods as per your liking in the transport vehicle. There can be uncountable situations and questions that require your presence. So plan your schedule for the moving day and make sure you are present.

2. Clear your pathways and doorways

The packers and movers company will surely find it easier if the path to clearing possessions and moving them to transport vehicles is clear. They will want you to have the doorways cleared so they can immediately start moving the packed goods to the transport vehicle and ensure that there is no accident or injury because of obstacles. It is especially critical for the furniture and packed boxes.

3. Make the arrangements for the parking spaces for the transport vehicle

Parking can become a huge issue in the crowded cities of India. It is one of the most important tasks for you to make sure that a parking spot is secure for the transport vehicle that is not far away from your current home location, which you’re leaving right now.

If you do not pay attention to the task, it can become a big stress for you because parking sports often become a cause of conflict with neighbors and people living nearby. Speak to your neighbors and people in the locality where you are living so that you can find a harmonious solution to this requirement.

4. Make sure that all your goods are packed and labeled

Although you or the packers and movers company may have packed, you must ensure that all packed possessions are checked the day before the move and that all labels are attached to them for easy identification. With this step taken care of, you can have a better overview of the events happening on the day of moving, and you will surely save time and frustration when you go about unpacking the goods at your destination.

5. Pack an essential box and a first-aid box

On the day of moving, you must pack a first-aid box and an essential box separately that you will need during the relocation and once you reach your destination Ideally, your essential and first-aid box should have medication, toiletries, a change of clothes, bandages, and anything else that you need right away or during the process of moving.

6. Disconnect all appliances you do not need on your  moving day

Except for the appliances you may need on the day of moving, you must ensure all other appliances are switched off and disconnected from the electricity before the day of moving. For example, you must disconnect your ceiling fan, your cooler, air conditioner, refrigerator, and television. However, during summer in India, you may want to wait for the last moment until you switch off your table fan and the electricity bulb you need for lighting the space until the stuff is moved out of the home and packed into the transport vehicle.

7. Take valuables with you in a different bag or box

You will not want to hand over your valuable belongings, such as your jewelry, important documents, and any valuable collectibles present at your existing home, to packers and movers. To keep them safe, you must keep them in a separate box or bag, or you can hand them over to someone you trust so that the person can keep them until the move is completed. If you have a locker bank, keeping your valuables in that is also a good idea.

8. Make sure your refrigerator and freezer are defrosted

Suppose you have a refrigerator with defrost technology with you. In that case, you must ensure that it’s defrosted well in advance before the day of moving so that it doesn’t cause water damage to your goods. If it happens, it will be another unwanted obstacle for the crew coming to your home to move the goods.

9. Complete your decluttering before the day of moving

If you have moved earlier, you will know about the importance of decluttering and downsizing. There is no point in taking the possessions you do not require any more to your new location.

Donating, selling, and disposing of are the methods used to perform the decluttering. It is also one of the responsibilities you should be aware of before leaving for your moving day. This will also help you and your contracted moving company since the reduced number of obstacles will make the journey smoother and easier.

10. Update your information with various services

Relocation means a new address for communication, and you need to make important services aware of this. From your bank to the Aadhar card office, many services need to provide information on your new address. These services also include LPG agencies, subscription services, utilities, and more. Therefore, taking care of the steps before moving is always better.

11. Make a plan to unwind after reaching the new place

Relocation can prove to be a big stress. Once you complete this step, it is always better to remind yourself that it is some kind of achievement. Therefore, prepare a plan for yourself and your family members to unwind and enjoy after completing it. It could be a visit to the nearest mall, catching a movie, or unwinding in your unique way, and you can do the planning of it right before the day of moving. 

12. Cleaning of the new and old homes

No one likes to be in a dirty place, and the same applies to the new home. Before the day of moving, you should complete the cleaning work both at your current location and the place you are leaving for so that when you leave and arrive, you will find yourself in a tidy and clean place. This way, you can maintain hygiene and be in a better mood after reaching your new home.

13. Change the lock

Before the day of moving, take care of the locks at your new home, and ideally, you shouldn’t leave the task for the last moment. Do it yourself or with the help of a third party/person. The security of the new place is important for your family’s safety. Get this task done by getting a highly secure lock for your new home.

14. Being welcoming towards the crew members from packers and movers

Being a great host is not meant for or applicable to guests only. Even the manpower that comes from the hired moving company deserves good treatment. By arranging drinking water, teas, and some refrigerators, you can ensure that you are a great host and that they are motivated to complete their task.

15. Timely payment and smooth unloading

Unloading may seem like a straightforward step to completely moving; however, your directions to ensure nothing goes wrong are important. For example, you should get the possessions placed in their respective rooms. Several times, people tend to unload the stuff in one place, thinking they can put it in their respective rooms later. But if you have followed thorough planning, you will have labeled the packed possessions, stating their types and even the information on where to place the goods.

Moreover, once the relocation reaches its end, you should pay the hired assistant so that they get the remuneration or charges for their work.

Wrapping up

When moving, hiring packers and movers in Bangalore can seem like a big relief. After all, this is what you pay for. But for someone who wants the relocation to be as obstacle-free and stressless as possible, many small to large tasks need attention. This detailed blog aims to spread information about 15 such tasks. Completing all of these tasks is not mandatory, but if you complete as many as possible, you will be supporting the whole relocation process.

Even after paying attention to all of these tasks, one thing is clear: most of the responsibility for your move will rest on the shoulders of your contracted movers and packers company. And you want to pick the best possible company for your relocation. But it is always tricky. However, you have a great way to overcome this. The 6 Packers and Movers platform helps you with the most trusted movers and packers services, serving almost all requirements at the best possible rate. And the best is that you get to choose from the best movers and packers companies in terms of cost and credibility.

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Why Is It Necessary For Me To Be Present On The Moving Day, Even If I Have Hired Professional Packers And Movers?

Your presence is required to provide directions, answer questions from the hired moving company’s crew, and make on-the-spot decisions. The movers may require your approval for additional manpower and discuss various moving-related issues.

Why Should I Clear Doorways And Pathways For The Moving Crew?

A safer and more efficient flow of packed goods is ensured by clearing pathways. It is crucial to reduce the possibility of mishaps and injuries during the moving process, particularly with furniture and boxes.

Why Should I Reserve Parking Spots For The Transport Vehicle Before The Day Of Moving?

Finding parking near your current location will ensure a hassle-free loading process and help avoid potential conflicts with neighbors. Communication with neighbors is essential for finding a peaceful solution to parking issues during the relocation.

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