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How Much Does An Office Moving Cost?

The shifting of office goods can prove to be a costly affair. In most cases, it is more expensive than moving home possessions. If you are planning to relocate your office goods, a question is going to be on your mind: how much does an office move cost?

With this information, you can plan out your future corporate or office relocation tasks with more sensibility and better planning. If you have the same question, keep scrolling down to read the complete post, as it will help you with all the aspects related to office moving costs and even give you some tips to make the office move an economical event for you.

So before going into tips, you will want to know about the pricing of moving office goods.

Pricing of moving office goods in India

1. Cost of Moving a Small Office

If you are planning to move to a small office, the pricing within the city can be between 6,000 to 15,000. However, for the intercity or interstate move, the cost can elevate to ₹ 25,000 to 30,000 according to factors like distance, transport vehicle type, number of goods, etc.

2. Medium-sized office

For a medium size of five, the pricing can be anything between ₹ 10,000 to 25,000 within the city. However, in case you are looking to relocate possessions of an office that is of medium size and has usual goods like computers, laptops, furniture, stationary, chairs, and other related stuff for intercity or intercity moving, it is likely to cost anything between ₹ 35,000 to 45,000.

3. Large-size office relocation

By now, you will have understood the pattern. The larger the office, the higher the cost is going to be for your office relocation. So, if you happen to have a large office with multiple types of office goods, the cost can range from 45,000 to 65,000, or even higher, depending on the distance, types of goods, and other related factors.

After getting to know the information, you may believe you do not require any more knowledge about office moving costs. However, it will be a big mistake if you think like this. It is because you cannot plan your move just by knowing the approximate cost. You need to have an understanding of what kind of circumstances and factors affect the cost of any office move. Since this blog targets to give you comprehensive information on office moving costs, the next section will concentrate on the same. Let’s discuss this.

Factors that affect the cost of an office move

1. Distance

Let’s begin by discussing the most natural cause of cost escalation. It is the distance between the point of pickup, where your goods are right now, and the destination. Longer distances require more cost in terms of fuel, transport vehicle costs, and even potential overnight accommodation charges. If you hire a packer and mover service, the cost charged by them will directly increase proportionally to the distance. One more thing that comes under the distance factor is identifying whether the move is intracity or intercity. Intercity moves are usually more expensive than within-city moves for office relocation tasks.

2. Office size and volume of goods

It is another factor that is not hard to guess when one thinks about cost-effective factors in an office move. The more items there are in the office, the more expensive it is to relocate.  Moreover, if you have some bulky stuff, you are likely to pay more.

Most of it consists of the cost of manpower, trucking, and packing material.

3. Complexity of the Move

When one talks about the complexity of the move, it means whether the possessions you have in terms of office goods are generic or if you have some unique type of possessions and how hard it is to pack the stuff, load, and unload them. For example, in the office, some tables are made of glass and are extremely delicate, so the cost of moving will increase. In some companies, moving large servers and other equipment can be required, which may require specialized knowledge and services. In this record, the more complex your relocation turns out higher the charge will go up according to that.

4. Demand-supply factor

Just like many businesses, the cost of moving goods for an office goes up and down according to demand and supply. For example, if you plan to move your office immediately within 1 or 2 days without planning, you may have to pay an extra premium for booking a packer mover service on short notice.  Additionally, seasonal demand is also a big factor. Generally, the demand for packers and movers services goes up in the first week of each month, and during the monsoon season, it can go up even more. It happens because the demand for hiring movers and packers for office moves generally goes up in the first week of each month. In the monsoon season, demand may go up when packers and movers are unavailable. You must understand such factors and plan your move according to them.

5. Contracted movers and packers’ service quality

The pricing of any higher company for relocating office goods is also affected by contractor movers’ and packers’ service quality. The quality of the contracted packers and movers’ service directly affects the cost of moving office goods. The better-quality services ask for higher rates.

6. Your planning

If somebody is already aware of the date of the relocation of their office goods and they do not plan the relocation task a few days before (probably 3 weeks in advance), then it is a big mistake. If you have ample time on your side but still are not making plans for the relocation of your goods, it will drive the prices up.

If you have reached this point of the blog, you must be curious about ways in which you can save your hard-earned money.  Let’s discuss it!

Tips to make your office move more affordable than ever

1. Start planning your relocation as early as possible

This particular point has already been touched. The earlier you plan, the more time you will have to compare quotes from prospective packers and movers. Additionally, you will have ample time to plan out the relocation task for your office goods in a better manner.

2. Do not forget to declutter like a pro

Decluttering is one particular tape that helps you with all types of moves. In easy language, you get rid of everything you do not require at your new place. While going about the decluttering of your goods, you have multiple methods to follow. For example, you can get rid of unwanted stuff or plan to give it away to someone who needs it better than you. Moreover, this is always an opportunity to sell decluttered goods online, offline, or by selling them.

3. Ask for multiple quotes and negotiate

 Take charge of your move by requesting quotes from multiple packers and movers and then negotiating prices. Don’t hesitate, especially if dealing with a sizable volume or flexible move dates. It is perfectly reasonable of you to seek the best deal and ensure that the cost aligns with your budget.

4. Plan to tackle higher demand

When you plan for your office to move away, be one step ahead and try to tackle the expected high demand. For this, you may plan on weekdays and in off-season time. In the world of packers and movers, it means the timing of weekdays instead of weekends. Moreover, the first week, generally between the 1st and 10th of each week, is the peak time. Moreover, I try to avoid days that are not good from a weather-season point of view. 

5. Complete some of the aspects of moving yourself

If you complete the packing on your own for your office, help with the loading and unloading yourself, or take the help of friends and relatives, the cost of carrying the goods to your new place will come down. Furthermore, if you have a very small office and if your destination is not far away, you can make the most of this situation by transporting the gods by rickshaw or only hiring a delivery truck.

6. Take the help of 6 Packers and Movers

For the lowest prices and best services at the same time, you may get help from 6 Packers and Movers. You will find the finest office movers companies from all over India offering office relocation and other moving services at the most affordable pricing on this platform for almost all moving tasks.


Moving an office comes with a lot of expenses, sometimes more than moving a house. The ultimate cost of any office, no matter how big or small, is influenced by several factors, including service quality, demand-supply fluctuations, complexity, volume of goods, and distance. However, by being informed and intelligent with your choices, you can overcome this challenge. The tips provided here aim to make your office move more affordable, ensuring that you can plan your office relocation sensibly and avoid unnecessary financial strain.

Additionally, when it comes to the best packers and movers in Lucknow for your office or any other move, it’s crucial to consider factors such as distance, office size, complexity, demand-supply dynamics, and the quality of contracted movers and packers services. Understanding these elements will help you plan better and make your office relocation a more economical event.

Office Moving Cost infographic

FAQs about Office Moving Costs and Tips

How Much Does Moving A Small Office Within The City Cost?

The cost typically ranges between INR 6k and 15k for a small office move within the city. However, the cost of intercity or interstate moves may increase up to INR 30 K to 40K rupees based on factors like distance, transport vehicle, and the number of goods.

What Elements Influence The Price Of Moving An Office?

The distance of the move, the size of the office, the volume of goods being moved, the dynamics of supply and demand, and the caliber of the services provided by hired packers and movers are some of the factors that affect the cost.

How Can I Cut Costs When Moving My Office?

To cut costs on your office move, begin early planning, get multiple quotes, purge unnecessary items, and bargain over prices. Schedule the move for a weekday to further reduce demand and related expenses.

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