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Packing Materials for Moving House Full List and Costs

Moving to a new house can prove to be an exciting task, but at the same time, it has several complications. Every step has its own challenges, and one of the most important challenges is packing. Apart from the packing process, choosing the right packing material is significant since it has a direct impact on the safety of your belongings during loading, unloading, and transportation. However, naturally, apart from the quality, you will also be considering the pricing. Moreover, many of you will not be aware of the full list of packing materials needed to move your house.

This blog piece will help you get comprehensive information about essential packing materials and their costs to help you plan your move better. It will also help you with budgeting and effectively organizing your relocation process. So let’s begin by talking about the first packing supply list and their tentative pricing,

Packing Supplies List And Pricing

1. Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are the most important packing supplies you will need. They are so important that no move can happen without them. They come in different sizes, from small boxes to large boxes, and can be used for packing almost all types of household items. As far as their availability and purchase are concerned, you can buy them from local stationery shops, packing supply shops, online marketplaces, or even get them for free from grocery stores. Ask around your friend’s circles and relatives, as they might have them in their stores. The average cost of carbon boxes ranges between Rs 30 and Rs 120 per box.

2. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is used to provide an extra layer of protection for your belongings. These are extremely useful for protecting fragile items such as electronics, dishes, glassware, etc. Like any other product, they come in different qualities and are available under several brand names.

You can therefore make your choice while keeping in mind the type of bubble wrap quality you will require. Like many other packing supplies, you can buy them online and offline, and they may cost you between 220 and 700 rupees per roll, according to size and quality.

3. Packing paper

Like bubble wrap, packing paper is also used to provide extra layers of protection for household belongings. And they can be used as extra padding to fill the space in boxes, which helps reduce jerking and movement during transportation. The price of a roll of packing paper may cost you between 150 and 600 rupees per bundle, and they are generally easily available online and offline.

4. Packing tapes and dispensers

Once you have packed your belongings into boxes and crates, the next step is to secure them. For this very purpose, packing tape and supplies are essential. They are indeed small, but their utility cannot be underestimated. The dispensers are used to seal the boxes at a fast pace. You need to order them in adequate quantities to complete your packing. Packing tapes and tape dispensers can be bought online or offline, with prices ranging from Rs 80 to Rs 300, depending on the quantity and the brand you want to purchase.

5. Markers and labels

After sealing the packing boxes, you would want to organize your packing so that you can identify the belongings stored in the boxes at the time of unloading. Moreover, you would want to know which side is the upside and which is the downside of your packed boxes. For this purpose, you need to purchase markers, labels, and stickers. The cost of purchasing markers can be between rupees 20 and 100; for labels and stickers, they may cost you around rupees 30 to 100, and like other packing materials, they can be bought offline and online,

6. Protective covers and furniture blankets

Larger belongings, such as your furniture, will require some protective covering, and furniture blankets serve this purpose as they make sure your furniture or fragile belongings do not become dirty and remain safe during the time of moving to a new location. These packing supplies will cost you more than the other packing supplies we have talked about until now. The cost of protective covers can be between Rs. 300 and Rs. 800 for furniture blankets, and you may need to shell out about 300 to 1000 rupees, depending on the brand and the quality of the packing supplies you are purchasing.

7. Stretch wraps and ropes

Stretch wrap is a specialized product that is used to secure packed goods in the form of bundles, and it is beneficial when it comes to bundling large pieces of furniture and appliances. Moreover, ropes made of thread or plastic are used to bundle the different boxes and belongings. You will require both of these or either of these two for your packing and transportation. The post of buying a stretch wrap roll and last size between Rs 50 and 500 as per your requirement and brand.

8. Moving Equipment 

Along with the mentioned packing supplies, you may need some moving equipment to ensure the safety of your furniture and expensive goods. Generally, this kind of equipment is not only purchased, but people rent it too. Furniture sliders, hand trucks, and moving dollies are a few examples of common names for items used for moving. The cost of buying a furniture slider could be between 300 and 1000 rupees. Hand trucks are used to move belongings safely, and moving dollies perform the same task. The cost of buying them can be in the range of Rs 1000 to Rs 10,000. Further, larger-capacity hand trucks and moving dollies are also available for rent.

9. Miscellaneous packing supplies

Apart from the mentioned packing aid items, people may need some other packing supplies as well. For example, you may require corner protectors, glue, packing peanuts, and family wrap. All of these goods help you professionally perform packing. Moreover, on the market, you will find many other innovative products designed to help people, such as cardboard boxes with stronger foundations. So you can go through them yourself, find the necessary products online and offline, and gather them for your packing needs.

Wrapping up

While planning for the moving of the goods, one needs to be aware of the packing supplies required to perform flawless and stress-free moving. Naturally, the cost part is a big factor here, and if you are moving household items, you would want to have information about all types of moving supplies required. Keeping these considerations in mind, this blog provides information about various moving supplies needed, along with their tentative pricing. After reading this blog piece, readers should gain an adequate amount of knowledge about movie supplies, which will help them make their relocation a big success.

Additionally, moving is a complicated process, and the task of `arranging the packing supplies itself is a big one. Given these factors, many of you would want to give this task to an expert company that can perform the work on your behalf. To hire an expert packer and mover company, it is suggested that you visit the 6 Packers and Mover company’s website, where you can get all types of movers’ information near your place along with quotes,

FAQs About Packing Materials for Moving House

What Materials Do I Need For Packing?

For the purpose of moving, you will need the following packing materials, which have been explained in this blog as well:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Stretch wraps and ropes
  • Markers, labels, and stickers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Protective covers and furniture blankets
  • Moving equipment
  • Miscellaneous costs

How Many Boxes Are Needed For The Household Relocation?

If you are wondering how many cardboard boxes you will need, it does not come as a surprise. Not many people know the exact number of boxes they will need. The number of boxes depends on the number of belongings and their types. Generally, for a house of up to 700 square feet, you will need 10 boxes of medium or small size and 7 boxes of large size. Further, if your house is large, you will need around 20 to 50 boxes of different sizes.

Can I Save Money By Using Alternative Packing Materials Instead Of Purchasing New Ones?

If you are looking to save money on your packing supplies, luckily, there are many alternatives present right in your existing home. For example, you can use regular blankets over furniture blankets to provide the covering for your furniture. Your briefcase and suitcase can accommodate clothes. You can use towels and newspapers to give power and protection to your glass items and many other fragile items. So for sure, there are alternatives, and using common sense and being innovative will help you find many alternatives.

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