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Why Choose Full-Service Movers for Your Next Relocation

When it comes to moving, it is always tempting to complete the task on your own or hire someone to achieve a particular portion of the move or relocation for reasons such as wanting to save money or distrusting full moving services. Regardless of your reason, hiring a full-service mover is always a better option for customers. But why is it so?

In this article, we will look at why opting for a full-service mover is always a better choice than completing the move on your own or only outsourcing a portion of the tasks of the move, such as loading, unloading, transportation, or packaging. So let’s begin this piece by understanding what “full-service movers” are.

Understanding What Full-Service Movers Are

When someone talks about completing a move, they are talking about the process of moving residential or commercial goods from one location to another. This process involves various steps such as packaging, loading, transporting, and keeping the goods safe during transit. It also includes some other subtasks, such as buying insurance for transportation and making payments for respective state or city taxes and toll charges.

Customers can opt for professional solution providers for tasks such as packing services for movers, loading, and transportation. However, hiring a full-service company that provides solutions for everything is always better.

It also means that, as a customer, one doesn’t have to do a search and contact several companies individually to complete their move. Such professional services are called full-service movers or only packers and movers, and they are very popular worldwide, especially in India.

If you are still unsure why going with full-service movers is a better option, here are some excellent benefits that will surely make you change your mind.

Advantages of using the full-service movers

1. Hassle-free moving

One of the first benefits of hiring a full-service company is that the customer can remain stress-free and be assured that they will get a professional service that will give them no headaches. They don’t have to spend time on relocation tasks or coordinate the process and are not stressed about getting trapped in various logistics and technical impediments.

2. Safety of goods

Since the professional mover’s company will complete the task using expertise, packing material, and trained manpower, you can rest assured that your goods will remain safe during loading, unloading, and transportation. Moreover, you will not have to worry about various tasks such as what kind of packing material to use or how different the chosen materials are; all these responsibilities are taken care of by the full-service moving company.

3. Faster moving

A professional full-service moving company provides faster transportation and an appropriate medium to move the goods, so you can expect them to reach their destination on time and even earlier than expected. 

4. Expert packaging

A professional moving and packing service will provide packaging solutions using the best materials to keep your goods safe for their journey. You can also buy the packaging material on your own; however, you need a certain method and experience when packing the different goods, especially the large and fragile ones. One needs to have full knowledge about the packing techniques when moving things like furniture, glass, dishes, electronics, etc, By opting for a DIY (do it yourself) approach, you only increase the risk of damaging your stuff.

5. Cheaper than hiring only a transporter or packing service

At first, glance, hiring only a transporter or packing service for your move might seem like a good idea. However, once you start completing a process, you will likely realize that the cost of buying packing material, hiring a transport vehicle, manpower, and equipment for loading and unloading goods from your place to the destination goes up. You find yourself in a position where you have spent more than you would have done by hiring a specialized full-service mover.

6. Less risk of losing the goods

Ask anyone who has moved belongings from one location to another, and they will tell you that they lost some of the stuff because of the chaos and the sheer amount of goods they were carrying. However, with contracted packing and moving services, such incidents do not occur since they keep an inventory of the boxes and belongings, which helps track every item, and there is no event where the client loses any of their stuff.

7. No risk of injury

It is no joke to load and unload goods from any place. When you talk about household and commercial goods, you are talking about heavy furniture, electronic gadgets such as televisions, computers, big refrigerators, and many other things. Loading and unloading them from a big building where the owner of the goods happens to live on a higher floor without an elevator of good size can become even harder.

If you decide to load or unload goods on your own without the help of professionals, you might end up hurting yourself or the person with you. We are talking about the possibility of serious injuries such as ankle twisting, hurting the backbone, and even collapsing. Given the risk involved in performing such tasks, it is always better to leave them to professionals with the experience and equipment to carry out loading and unloading without causing any injury to anyone.

8. Miscellaneous benefits

In India, people and their styles of living are very different from each other. You will find people with pets, people with deep respect for their gods and temples, and many belongings in their homes that are diverse from others, such as furniture and household items. Moreover, more and more people are buying high-end cars and electronic equipment of large sizes, like big LED TVs.

Given this diversity, the solutions must be personalized to accommodate multiple and unique needs. However, you will likely struggle with DIY and face many issues when moving. For example, you may require specialized vehicles to move your pets, and you may need covered vehicles to move the cars.

Because of this factor, hiring a professional moving and packing service for all these requirements is always better than performing them on your own. Moreover, full-service movers also help you with insurance and fulfill specific state and city moving stipulations regarding paperwork and taxes, so you always have peace of mind when the goods are moved to their destinations.

why choosing a full-service mover is always  a correct choice

As mentioned in the advantages, when anyone looks to move goods from one place to another, the safety of the goods, time, and money are the most significant factors. Instead of carrying out all the activities yourself, which will put the safety of goods in danger and may even injure someone, it is always suggested that the expert take care of all these specialized tasks.

Moreover, even if you want to hire a specialized service to perform a particular aspect of the moving, like only packing, loading, or moving, you will be struggling with either aspect, and coordination will be difficult, not to mention the cost, which will likely increase. So, after analyzing all the advantages, it is safe to say that it is always the correct choice to stay away from all of these stresses and opt for full-service movers.

People always tend to look to save money when they are required to move to a new destination with their goods. However, there are many downsides to completing the relocation task on your own, and this piece of content sheds light on the many benefits of hiring a full-service moving company that not only packs goods with expertise but loads and unloads them from pick-up to their destinations. This content piece discusses and explains their various advantages, such as saving money and time, avoiding injury, reducing the risk of losing goods, and many other miscellaneous advantages. So, you should go with full-service movers in most situations to relocate goods.

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FAQs About Why Choose Full-Service Movers

What Is The Objective Of A Moving Company?

The main objective of any moving company is to provide solutions that help customers experience a hassle-free relocation process at the most affordable rate.

What Should One Look For When Hiring A Full-Service Professional Moving Company?

You can look into many considerations when hiring a company to move your goods, such as:
1. The experience of the company you are considering hiring.
2. What kind of experience and reviews have the previous customers shared regarding the company you want to hire?
3. If the company in consideration has a license and the right vehicle and equipment to carry out the move.
4. Pricing is naturally a very big factor when you decide to hire a service to move your goods. You must ask them if there are going to be any hidden charges. Because of this reason, it is always better to get the full estimate before getting them on board for your task.
5. You must also look at the other facilities a company will help you with, such as GPS tracking insurance and help with state taxes.

What Are The Downsides Of Carrying Out The Task Of Moving With A “Do It Yourself” Approach?

There are many downsides to following the DIY approach for moving goods, as explained ahead:
1. You may injure yourself when loading and unloading goods.
2. The belongings may experience damage while moving to a new destination due to a lack of expertise and poor packing material.
3. You may spend more than you would have done hiring full service for moving goods.
4. It is possible that you will come across many hurdles, and moving will become a big headache for you.
5. People tend to lose items and spend too much time moving instead of focusing on other, more important, productive work.

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