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The Most Comprehensive Moving Checklist

What thoughts come to mind when you think about relocating to a new place? It has to be the thought of enduring a long process to leave your existing place for a new one. Relocation is stressful, and finding ways to make it smooth is always desirable. One thing that always makes the moving process smooth, and the most essential part of this, is to have a comprehensive checklist. It helps stay organized and keeps the process of relocating a disciplined one.

In the next section, we will be discussing the comprehensive checklist for the moving process. However, this checklist is going to discuss the process of a planned move that starts about 1 month before the day of moving. Ideally, every relocation needs to be a planned event that you start at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

But the steps and information mentioned here are going to help you with all types of situations, and you can mold the timeline as per your needs, as per the steps stated.

This will give you a fair idea of how to go about moving and what you will need. So let’s begin!

Checklist preparation steps about a month before the move

The following information will help you with checklist preparation about 1 month before the day of moving.

1. Assess the whole situation

In the first step, just assess the situation. Think about your moving location, the distance, the goods you have, the place where you live, and the kind of available facilities. Moreover, take stock of your financial health and do a quick calculation of how much money you may need to carry out the move.

2. Prepare the inventory

The inventory is like the foundation of your move. Check out the goods you have create a list of goods you want to take with you, and make another list of goods you leave behind, or do not need at your new place.

3. Get rid of goods you don’t need

After preparing the inventory list, take steps to lose possession of unwanted goods. The good thing here is that you are already preparing about a month in advance. So you have ample time to decide what to do with your unwanted goods, such as if you want to sell them or donate them. OLX is an excellent site to sell old stuff. Moreover, there can be some items that can’t be moved, like inflammable chemicals or very large plants. So make a plan for what to do with them.

4. Take steps towards arranging packing supplies

Although you are already planning, it is better to start arranging for packing supplies like cardboard boxes, packing paper, newspaper, moving blankets, bubble wrap, tape, etc. The good thing is that since you have time on your side, you can also ask your friends’ neighbors, and relatives to lend you some of the packing supplies.

2 weeks till the move

The following information will assist you with checklist preparation about 2 weeks before your move.

1. Start packing non-essential goods

About two weeks before the final move, it is time for you to start packing. You can begin this process by packing the items that you rarely use. Normally, you can look through your stationery and books. If you have any furniture that can be packed right away without disturbing your daily life, go ahead and do it. It is an excellent time to pack any antique or expensive items as well.  In the meantime, take steps to get rid of goods you won’t be taking with you.

2. Book a moving company and insurance

The second step you can take is to look for reliable Packers and Movers. Go online or ask for references from trustworthy sources. Find a reliable and feasible moving company and enter into a contract with them. Moreover, look to get insurance, as it works as a safety net. Most of the time, your hired relocation company can help you with insurance as well.

3. Send a communication to important parties

When you relocate to a new place, several parties and individuals will need communication from your side about the relocation. These entities could be the school of your children, your bank, the place where you work, and many other important figures in your life. So two weeks before the final move, it is a good time to communicate about your relocation and new address details with all these people.

4. Get your most expensive items and documents from your bank locker

About two weeks before the final move is a good time for you to get all the expenses that are in banks, and if you have expensive items at home, make arrangements to safely store them along with other items.

1 week before the move

Follow these steps of the checklist 1 week before relocation day;

1. Pack more stuff

About one week before the final move, you can go ahead and pack more of your stuff. You can go through your clothes, your sports equipment, and the boxes in your house that are filled with stuff that you do not use regularly. Organize your packing. Star puts labels on and marks the earlier packed goods in boxes and containers along with the current ones.

2. Start preparing your plants

In case you are inclined to take the plants with you, now is the time to start preparation for this. Start cutting off the extra leaves and branches from the plants, and keeping them healthy with an adequate amount of water and nourishment. Make sure you have the packing supplies you need to move your plant as well.

3. Other steps

You must have a box of prescribed medicine with you. You can also start preparing for the final day by preparing a first aid box. It is also a good time to sort your clothes, put them in the right-sized boxes, and mark them accordingly. Double-check all the tasks that have been performed until now and make changes to your process if they find anything missing. Request a day of leave from your job or inform your company workers about the day you will be on leave.

1 or 2 days before moving

About 1 or 2 days before packing, you can pack all the stuff in boxes and containers. Mark all the boxes and arrange them in such a way that you can easily know which ones are to be unpacked first. For example, plants are one of the first items that need sun, light, and air, so unpack them. Go through all of your checklists, make the call to the hired moving company, and check your budget to ensure everything is in order.

Final days of moving

So after the preparation of about 4 weeks, you have reached the day when the final relocation takes place. If you have read and understood all the previous steps, you should not have too much trouble on the day of the move. Do the following tasks on the day of relocation:

1. Verify

On the day of moving, the first thing you need to do is speak to your hired company to make sure that everything is in order. Go through your packed goods, documents (Like insurance ), first aid box, finances, and more to verify everything is in order.

2. Be present on the spot

You or someone responsible must be looking after the whole process on the day of moving. Your very presence will help keep all the steps in order. Make it a point to closely monitor all the activities on the day of the move.

3. Unpacking

After reaching your destination, the first thing you should do is unpack as per the priority goods. For example, you may carry some plants with you, and since they will have endured a long journey, they are the first item that requires care. So first unpack them, then move on to the other stuff, like your utensils and furniture, one by one.


In any process that requires multiple steps, it is always good to have a comprehensive checklist that can guide you toward your targets. The process of moving things is no different, and it can be very challenging to create a comprehensive checklist for it. However, this blog shares and explains the various steps and checklist ingredients one needs to have for the relocation process. This particular checklist is focused on long-term planning; however, if this is your requirement, you can use it as a reference and go through the parts of it and mold them according to your specific needs.

FAQs About Moving Checklist

What Should Be Included In The Moving Checklist?

Here is an overview of everything that should be included in the checklist for the relocation process:

  • Arranging Packing Supply
  • The list separates the non-needed items.
  • Hiring a moving company/ getting insurance.
  • We are separating nonessential goods from essential goods.
  • Communication of change of address
  • Budgeting of the whole process.
  • Careful and organized packing
  • Monitoring of all steps
  • Unpacking and rechecking of goods for any damage or if any goods are missing.

What Are The Suggestions To Make Moving Less Stressful?

The following suggestions will help you:

  1. Make a list of the goods you need and the steps required to complete the move.
  2. Look for the moving supplies alternative at home or ask around friends, neighbors, and relatives if they have any. They can also help you with the loading and unloading of goods.
  3. Only hire a trustworthy moving company, have a detailed discussion to clear all the doubts, and buy insurance.
  4. Take pictures of all the packed items prior to and after moving
  5. Get rid of non-essential items.
  6. Make a data sheet to monitor spending and keep some extra money for contingencies.
  7. Be actively involved in the whole process.

How Far In Advance Should I Start Planning My Move?

Ideally, the relocation planning must start at least 1 month before the actual day of moving. The earlier it is, the better it is for you. However, if you’re short on time, it is always better to hire a moving and packing company, as they can carry out the whole relocation process from start to finish and can be available on short notice as well.

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