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What Are Moving Blankets and Why Are They Important When Moving?

Are you looking to opt for a DIY approach when moving to a new location but worried about fragile or expensive goods being damaged during transit? You should because goods are expensive and can get damaged easily if precautions are not taken. The negligence can even damage the walls and corners of your current accommodation while relocating the goods.

Moreover, there is always a chance that dust and other environmental factors may make your belongings dusty and dirty. So what is the way out of this issue? The answer lies in using the moving blanket. These specialized blankets are made only for helping customers, to keep the goods safe and their relocation easy.

If you are unaware of how moving blankets can help you with moving, how they work, and what their main advantages are, just keep scrolling. This post will explain how such blankets are ideal for your needs. Let’s begin.

What are moving blankets, and how are they ideal for moving?

Moving blankets are specialized types of products that fall under the category of moving supplies. They are made from polycarbonate, polyester, and recycled materials, and they provide a covering cushion for the goods you want to move. They come in sizes ranging from 72 inches to 80 inches, generally. However, other custom sizes are also available in the online and offline markets.

If you are looking to move household or commercial items such as computers, refrigerators, furniture, etc., having a moving blanket is almost an essential part of your packing. There are alternatives one can use instead, such as packing paper. However, if you are looking for the best protection and peace of mind, it is suggested that you do not compromise and opt for moving blankets. Now that you know how moving blankets are made, let’s discuss their advantages.

Advantages of using moving blankets

They keep your goods safe and scratch-free

When you wrap your belongings with the help of a moving blanket, it provides a thick cushion for your goods. There is always a chance that scratches will occur not only on the goods but also on the walls and the floor of the place where you are moving from or moving to during the transit. The cushion helps you avoid situations and the occurrence of such events.

Keep the belongings clean

Another problem that people tend to encounter during relocation is that their stuff becomes dirty during packing, loading, unloading, and moving. Since the wrapping of the moving blankets covers the goods completely, this issue doesn’t occur.

It can be used for multiple items

Moving blankets are not only useful for wrapping a particular set of goods, but they can also be used for multiple types of belongings, such as appliances, mirrors, electronics, artwork, and other items that are similar and provide adequate cushioning for all of them.

Ease of Use

When someone uses the moving blanket for the first time, they do not need to go through the user manual or get acquainted with any kind of training. It’s very easy to use moving blankets since one just has to wrap the goods and seal the covering with some tape, rope, or stretch bands. So it is another positive aspect of utilizing such blankets.


Search blankets can be used multiple times, as they are very durable by nature. The reason is that they are manufactured using sturdy materials like cotton and polyester, and their padding lasts for a long time. Because of their ingredients, they are very cost-effective, especially if you are someone who moves to multiple locations due to professional or personal reasons, they can serve you for a long time.

Environmental friendly

As stated already, most of the moving blankets do have recycled material in them. It means they are environmentally friendly, and if you buy them, you are not doing any damage to the environment, which matters significantly for many folks.

Professional-level protection

Even if someone hires a professional moving company, they are likely to use the moving blankets along with other packing supplies. It means that such blankets provide you with professional-level covering and a stress-free moving experience where you are never bothered about the protection of your goods.

How do you go about using the moving blanket?

Using a moving blanket is a fairly easy task. Just about anyone can do it. However, if you still need information about the proper process of using them, here are the steps:

  1.  In the first step, you need to buy or arrange for a good-quality moving blanket according to the size of your goods. Make sure it is good enough to protect the goods during transit, and it should be large enough to cover the goods from all corners.
  2. In the second step, you need to unfold the blanket from its layer and spread it.
  3. In the third step, you need to put the blanket all over your stuff. Stretch it to make sure that all the sides and corners are covered.
  4. Once your item is covered with the moving blanket, you need to take the next step to secure it. For this purpose, you can use plastic rope, string bands, and even tape. We recommend using the stretch tapes because they are easy to put on the blanket and, at the same time, very easy to remove at the time of unloading.
  5. Make sure you secure the goods after covering them with blankets in a professional manner so that the moving blanket does not move from its place and all the sides and corners are appropriately secured.
  6. Once your items reach their destination, you need to take steps to unwrap the blanket. Go in the reverse order of the earlier stated steps. Remove the stretch bands or rope that you had used at the time of packing, and then remove the blanket from the item. This is where the process of packing, loading, and unloading while using moving blankets ends.

Where to buy moving blankets in India

To buy moving blankets, Indian customers can look for options online and offline. For online shopping, Amazon and Flipkart are the best. If you want to buy them in bulk, Indiamart is an excellent option. You can contact packaging supply stores, home improvement stores, furniture stores, and even moving and storage companies in the offline market. Certain tips will help you out with buying the best-moving blanket, like comparing prices and reading reviews before buying them. Additionally, you can check with local retailers to get custom-sized moving blankets.

Wrapping Up

Packing is a very critical step when someone looks to relocate the goods from their home, office, or commercial place to another destination. Compromising on it will lead to damage to the items. So one of the really handy packing supplies is called a moving blanket. In this particular post, the information about moving blankets, what they are made of, and how they are an ideal option to complete the packing and moving of any goods has been explained.

Moreover, this particular content piece also shares information about the various steps of using the moving blanket in a step-by-step manner. Moving blankets are a fantastic option for packing goods because they provide better protection than many other items available on the market. They are available in different sizes and can be used multiple times.

Using the moving blanket is just one of the parts of packing and moving, and most people do not have the time and resources to carry out the move efficiently, so they hire professional movers and packers. Are you in a situation where you need to move the goods to a new location? In case you want to have a complete packer and mover service near your location, you can also approach the 6 packers and movers company by visiting the site, as it helps you find the best moving company nearby your location.

FAQs on moving blankets

How Many Moving Blankets Are Required?

According to the experts, there is a general rule that can help you determine the number of moving blankets you will need. This general rule says that for every 5 feet of space in a vehicle, you will need at least 12 or 1 dozen moving blankets. It means that for a 15-foot-long moving truck, it is suggested that you have around 35 to 40 moving blankets at your disposal.

Can I Find Waterproof Moving Blankets?

Most of the moving blankets available on the market are not waterproof. Therefore, it is advised that if you suspect there could be instances of rain during the move, it is always better to wrap the product in a plastic or polythene sheet before covering it with the moving blanket. However, there are exceptions, and some manufacturers do sell waterproof blankets as well.

Are Moving Blankets Any Good?

Moving blankets are specialized blankets that are thick and heavy and are made from polyester and cotton threads in particular. They are very handy when you are moving a fragile or expensive item from one place to another. Even for regular moving requirements, you can use them to provide questions about your electronic and other household commercial items.

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