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The Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping A Car

We love our belongings, but our car has a special place in everyone’s heart. And cars certainly call for special attention when it comes to moving or relocating them. Specifically, considering that shipping your vehicle can be challenging due to various reasons like their different sizes, the risk associated with moving them, local laws, etc., particularly in a diverse and significant nation like India,

Moreover, many issues may occur, like external and internal damage, late delivery, and extra spending.  If you are not careful, you may even get into big trouble, like the police confiscating your vehicle. Yes, it is possible if your hired movers do not obey the local laws.

However, you can avoid most of the issues by avoiding some mistakes you may make while shipping your car with the help of a Packers and Movers company. You must be wondering, What are these mistakes you need to be careful about while moving your car? This blog will assist you in gaining an understanding of those details that will assist you in performing a smooth and stress-free vehicle relocation.

Explanation Of The Possible Mistakes You May Commit While Moving Your Car

1. Neglecting Thorough Research

The first step begins with research when you plan to move your car to another part of the country. Failure to conduct thorough research before hiring a car shipping company can result in unnecessary risks and complications. Searching for companies online and offline is part of the research process. Finding the best one according to your budget but, more importantly, the credible one Being in a hurry with this step can result in big trouble for you.

As a result, using a complete platform for movers and packers, such as 6 Packers and Movers, is the best option because it gives you access to the best and most credible companies to move your vehicle.

2. Skipping Insurance Coverage

Imagine your beloved and expensive car, in pristine condition, getting involved in an unforeseen accident during transit. If you do not have insurance during the shipping of your four-wheeler, repair or replacement costs could be substantial. To illustrate, your car might be in perfect condition, but accidents happen, and without insurance, you risk financial loss. Therefore, never skip the crucial step of insuring your vehicle for the duration of its journey. The majority of car transporters and movers offer insurance for your vehicle on their platforms or have connections to reputable insurance providers. So,  finding one good insurance company should not be an issue. Get the full information to grasp the pros and cons of the product you are considering buying and why. Skipping it may result in regret for you.

3. Ignoring Documentation

Proper documentation is the backbone of a successful car shipping process. Without the necessary paperwork, you not only risk delays but also compromise your ability to track and ensure the safety of your vehicle. Incomplete or missing paperwork can cause complications and misunderstandings. India has more than 25 states and hundreds of cities, and many of these places have specific taxes and documentation requirements. Consider the following scenario that may happen to you:

 When you ship your vehicle, you are unable to provide the necessary documents to the shipping company, resulting in a delay in its transportation. It is likely to happen to you as well. Therefore, always make sure you have all the required documentation, including your car’s registration, insurance, and any unique permits needed for interstate transportation, to avoid such hassles.

4. Neglecting to wash your vehicle

Even though washing your car before shipping might seem like a small thing, it can provide valuable insight into your car’s condition. Many people ignore it and later regret their decision. Do you know why? Minor flaws, such as scratches or dents, can be hidden by dirt and deposits on the exterior. Cleaning your car’s interior is also crucial because it helps maintain a clean and damage-free environment in transit. There are numerous cleaning supplies available for your car’s interior and exterior. In other words, washing your car before shipping may seem unnecessary, but it can help identify existing damage, such as scratches or dents, ensuring a precise pre-shipping assessment, which helps you get better compensation from your insurance company if something goes wrong.

5. Failing to document the condition

Imagine your car arriving at your new destination with so many dents and discolorations that you cannot prove its condition before moving! Reason-you did not document the condition of the car properly before moving! You will feel devastated. Therefore, to safeguard your interests, you should thoroughly document your car’s condition before shipping. You may take pictures and video footage of your vehicle from various angles, highlighting any existing damages or blemishes.

This will serve as solid and tangible evidence of your car’s condition before transportation and may even help you with an insurance claim if something goes wrong. In the unfortunate event of a dispute over damages incurred during transit with your insurance or moving company, this visual record will greatly help you.

6. Filling too much of the tank

One thing that might result in a bigger issue is keeping the fuel tank at its fullest capacity when you ship your car. It is a common misconception among people that having a full tank is beneficial; however, this can create safety risks while being transported.

There is a chance that fuel will spill out of your car while being transported, especially if the tank is more than 1/4 full. While having a full tank may seem convenient for most of you, excess fuel can pose safety risks during transportation. To make sure that your vehicle travels smoothly during relocation, your fuel should ideally not be more than ¼ of the tank capacity of your vehicle.

7. Leaving the car alarm on and not getting the stuff out of your car

Think about the following case: During shipping, your car’s set alarm goes off, causing disruption and inconvenience to the transport crew and potentially delaying delivery. However, you can avoid such embarrassing and unwanted situations by turning off the alarm system.

Moreover, it’s common courtesy to ensure your car’s alarm system is turned off and that there are no personal belongings in your vehicle when you ship it. Because of this, it’s worth putting your car alarm off. Also, don’t forget to remove any personal possessions from the interior of the car, ensure that the car is completely locked, and keep the key in a secure place.

8. Failing to research the right car moving or shipping company

The shipping company you select is critical to the safety and punctuality of your car’s delivery. Failure to conduct adequate due diligence to find a genuine one may lead to unpleasant surprises and disappointments. Even though some moving companies may have flashy websites and offers, they might not always live up to their claims.

Reputable car shipping businesses have a record of happy clients, frequently reflected in favorable client testimonials. To give an example, imagine that you come across a shipping company whose website makes it seem trustworthy and professional, but further investigation through customer reviews reveals a history of delays and improper handling of vehicles. To avoid such unprofessional entities, it is crucial to research the reputation of the business. Reputable businesses have a section on their website where clients can write a summary of their interaction with the business. You will be able to decide more easily, thanks to their reviews.

9. Failure to Communicate Special Requirements

If you have a car different from regular ones and specific needs, you must make your shipping or car moving company aware of it. One such example could be your vehicle having a low ground clearance. Don’t communicate these requirements with the moving company to ensure they do not face a sudden issue when they are at your place to perform the relocation of your vehicle.

10. Not Obtaining Multiple Quotes

Making hasty decisions because you are unfamiliar with how the moving and car shipping industries work and what kinds of charges are appropriate may result in unintended consequences. Look at this example: when selecting a vehicle shipping provider, you come across a company offering a lower rate than average, and you say yes, only to find out later that their services are substandard and there are several hidden charges. In such a scenario, you cannot go back and perform the process from the beginning. Therefore, it is better to be careful of this factor so that you do not find yourself in such an unwanted circumstance. To avoid this trap, always request quotes from three or more reputable businesses. This will enable you to make an informed choice after carefully weighing your options.

11. Choosing the Wrong Shipping Method

Did you know there are different types of moving methods to ship cars, such as enclosed transport, open-air transport, door-to-door moving, etc.? The enclosed method shields your car from external elements, road debris, and adverse weather conditions. Your vehicle is securely fastened to the back of an open trailer in open-air transport. While it offers some protection against driving conditions, it may expose your car to dust, rain, or minor debris. However, it remains a reliable choice for most vehicles.

The third method is door-to-door, and under this, your chosen moving company will pick up your car from your doorstep and deliver it directly to its destination. The Terminal to Terminal method, which is more popular abroad, involves dropping off your vehicle at a terminal where it will be shipped from and picking it up at a designated terminal upon arrival. Analyze all of your vehicles and pick one that suits you more.

12. Being Unprepared for Delivery

The delivery of your car to its destination is the last step in the shipping process. You can expect delays and misunderstandings that may result from being unprepared for this crucial moment. So, you or a reliable representative must be present during the delivery. Additionally, keeping in touch with the representatives of the shipping or moving company and keeping an eye on the entire shipping procedure can help prevent misunderstandings.

However, there may be times when you are unable to be present during the delivery. In such circumstances, appoint a dependable representative who is at least 18 years old and inform them of the procedure and their duties, particularly with regard to the vehicle inspection. This proactive approach ensures a smooth handover of your vehicle.

Wrapping Up

This post discusses the 12 big mistakes a person looking to ship a car to another part of the country should avoid. Shipping your car across India’s vast landscape can seem like an overwhelming task because of the unfamiliarity and other constraints like budget and time. But with the right information and careful planning mentioned in it, you can avoid the usual issues and guarantee a smooth process. Keep in mind that your car represents your investment and memories, not just a possession.

In conclusion, we have talked about how choosing a trustworthy shipping company requires careful research. It also puts focus on the need for proper documentation and insurance, along with the importance of getting your car ready, picking the best shipping method, and showing up for delivery.

You can prevent potential damages, delays, and financial losses to your vehicle by avoiding these 12 mistakes. Whether your car is a cherished family vehicle or a prized possession, these precautions will help you successfully navigate the intricate web of car shipping processes and companies in India.

FAQs about mistakes to avoid when shipping a car for smooth moving:

When Shipping My Car, What Kind Of Mistakes Should I Avoid?

When shipping your car by hiring a mover, avoid mistakes such as skipping insurance coverage, ignoring documentation, and failing to document the condition of your car. These mistakes can cause complications, delays, and financial losses during shipping.

How Can I Ensure A Stress-Free Car Shipping Experience?

To ensure a smooth car shipping experience, do extensive research on shipping companies, prioritize insurance coverage for your vehicle shipping, and keep proper documentation. Document the condition of your vehicle, select the best shipping method, communicate any special requirements, and be prepared for delivery. By avoiding these 12 common mistakes, you can protect your car and simplify shipping.

Is It Secure To Have Your Car Transported By A Moving Or Shipping Company?

Using a reputable auto transporter or mover to move your car is typically safe. However, to minimize risks during transportation, conduct research and select a reputable company that has positive reviews, insurance coverage, and a proven track record.

Why is insurance coverage important when shipping a car?

Insurance coverage is essential to protect your car from unforeseen accidents or damages during transit. Without insurance, you may face significant financial loss if something goes wrong.

What are the different car shipping methods available, and how do they differ?

Car shipping methods include enclosed transport, open-air transport, door-to-door moving, and terminal-to-terminal shipping. Each method offers varying levels of protection and convenience.

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