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Understanding the Pros and Cons: Open vs. Enclosed Car Transport

The relocation of possessions presents a unique challenge since you will have to take into consideration several factors. These factors include the type of packing material to be used, whether you plan to hire a packers and movers service or do the entire move yourself, and so on. Similarly, many times people come across the need to transport their cars for long distances and decide whether to use the transport service or drive the vehicle to a new destination. It happens mostly when they look to move the car to an interstate or intercity location that is very far away.

In such a scenario, many decide to move the car via transport because they do not want to take a chance of driving the car to the new location. After all, it might get damaged or dirty on its way to the new destination. These factors become even bigger when it comes to transporting expensive and luxury cars.

So if you are one of those people who are planning to relocate the car visa using a transport trailer, you may have to take a call on whether to use an open-transport vehicle or an enclosed one. At first glance, it seems like an easy choice; however, there are several pros and cons attached to both options. In this post, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both open transport car transportation and enclosed car transportation. Let us begin by understanding what these two mediums mean in their definitions.

1. Open-Car Transport

Open-car transport is the most popular mode of transporting cars to a new destination. Under this mode, the cars are moved in a single or multi-level trailer, typically uncovered. It is suitable for most types of vehicles, especially sedans and hatchbacks.

If you are curious about technicalities, here is some information for you. Typically, such a trailer will have a length of 53 to 68 feet, and it can have a single or triple deck. Regarding vehicle carrying capacity, a double-deck trailer can have 5 to 8 cars per deck, which means it can carry around 10 to 16 cars, depending on their size and shape. The triple-deck trailer can carry around 12 to 18 cars.

You will be happy to know that the trailer uses heavy-duty straps to secure each vehicle and additional straps to secure the body points to prevent movement during transit. Moreover, several of these transport vehicles use winches for loading and unloading, especially the heavier vehicles.

2. Enclosed Car Transport Trailer

As their name suggests, such transport trailers provide the roof and side covering for the protection of your vehicle. Enclosed car transport vehicles provide a higher level of protection for your vehicle compared to open trailers. Single deck enclosures are most common among all such enclosed transport trailers, providing individual compartments for each car they carry. Double-deck trailers are also in existence, but they are not as popular as single-deck ones. As far as capacity is concerned,  it is a little less than the open-car trailers.

Naturally, the first benefit is that it shields the car from outside elements such as rain, dusk, storms, and potential theft. The enclosed trailer also offers better features, like low ground clearance, convertible roofs, and even temperature regulation. 

Now let’s move on to evaluate the pros and cons of both options in detail.

Pros Of Open-Car Transport Trailers

1. Most Economical

The open trailer is the least expensive of these two options for moving the car. Because of this, they are also the most popular and the first choice for most people looking to move their car.

2. Can Carry More Cars

If you are a transport service, the open-car trailer will allow you to transport more cars than the enclosed one. It means that you can increase the service capacity of your business and take more orders to move your customers’ cars.

3. Easily Available

From the customer’s point of view, it is easier for them to find a transport company offering open car transport trailers than the enclosed one because they exist in high numbers. You will have better choices in terms of the options available to you, and most of the time, you will not be paying a premium compared to the usual price.

4. Give The Driver The Chance To Do A Thorough Inspection At Any Time

Suppose you want your hired transport company driver to monitor the vehicle closely for an inspection of your car’s condition. In that case, it is better to use open transport vehicles for your automobile because they can easily inspect the vehicle at any time.

5. Quite Safe

Close-car transfer trailers are indeed safer than enclosed trailers. However, the open trailer for the car movie is also quite safe in most cases. However, if you have a really expensive car, you should go with an enclosed car transport trailer instead of an open one.

Cons Of An Open-Car Transport Trailer

1. Your Vehicle May Suffer Damage From External Elements

This is the biggest disadvantage of hiring an open-car transport trailer since the vehicle remains susceptible to damage from external elements such as weather, dust, rainstorms, etc. Even with proper tie down of your automobile, it can still bump or sway during transport, which can lead to minor scratches, dung, and dents.

2. It May Not Be A Good Choice For Highly Expensive Cars

Since many expensive cars have low ground clearance, transporting them via an open transport vehicle is not a good idea. It is because open transport vehicles generally do not have the functionality to keep such expensive vehicles safe and accommodate them according to their bodies, as is the case with enclosed transport vehicles for cars.

3. Theft And Vandalism

Theft and vandalism can also occur if you use open transport for moving your car. However, it is highly unlikely, but you can’t rule it out completely.

Pros Of Enclosed-Transport Vehicles For Cars

1. Great For Expensive And Luxury Cars

The close transport vehicle is excellent for moving luxury and expensive cars. It is because they provide an enclosure where the vehicle remains safe and secure. At the same time, they are tailor-made for expensive vehicles, with facilities like accommodation for vehicles that have low ground clearance. Many of them have a mechanism in place to prevent oil from spilling from one vehicle in the upper row to the vehicle below it.

2. Convenience And Flexibility

Enclosed trailers provide convenience and versatility, as they often come with ramps or hydraulic lifts for easy loading and unloading, saving time and effort. Additionally, some allow for multi-car transport in one go, making them efficient for moving car collections or families with multiple vehicles.

3. Your Vehicle Remains Clean Even After A Long Journey

Your transported vehicle’s interior seats, carpets, and upholstery are less likely to become worn or discolored in enclosed trailers because they are exposed to less dust and dirt. Moreover, your car will not be exposed to severe temperature swings or dust buildup because of the controlled environment, which reduces excessive engine wear and tear.

4. Climate Control

Some enclosed trailers that transport four-wheelers come equipped with climate control systems. They can use these to keep the temperature and humidity inside constant.

It is an excellent feature for luxury and expensive vehicles because it protects sensitive electronics or vehicle interiors that are prone to warping or cracking due to high temperatures.

Cons Of Enclosed Transport

1. More Fuel Consumption, Thank The Open Counterparts

 The enclosed vehicle generally consumes more fuel than the open one. It happens because the vehicle’s design becomes air-resistant when there is an enclosure. The weight of the vehicle body increases, and it consumes more fuel than the open-transport vehicle.

2. There Are Fewer Options For Consumers

When you are moving your car in an enclosed vehicle, you are likely to find a smaller number of companies offering such services. This happens because moving a four-wheeler in an enclosed transport vehicle is always more expensive than an open one.

Sometimes it is 2 to 3 times more expensive than an open vehicle. Therefore, the business opportunities for the companies are less since only people belonging to high-income groups can afford such services; therefore, there are fewer options for the average consumer.

3. The Driver Cannot Inspect The Car Easily

If you want the driver to keep a close eye on you during the whole relocation process and do the inspection regularly, the enclosed vehicle is not an ideal option. The driver will have to repeatedly open the back door to respect the car, which is not feasible.

4. More Expensive Overall

Moving an automobile in an enclosed vehicle always costs more than in an open vehicle. Because enclosed trailers are more expensive, they use more fuel, and insurance to transport a car through them is more expensive than usual.

In the process of relocation, there are times when you think about moving your four-wheeler to a new location by yourself or by hiring a packers and movers company. In this situation, they have to make a call about whether to go with an enclosed transport vehicle or choose an option with an open transport vehicle. There are many pros and cons associated with both of these methods. Some of them have been explained in the blog itself, including factors like safety budgeting, features, capacity, and other related factors.

In the end, irrespective of whether you choose a company offering an enclosed vehicle for your car or an open one, one thing is for sure: you will like to have credible and professional service. Here, you can put your trust in 6 Packers and Movers Bangalore, which is a great platform to find all types of moving and packing services, including the companies offering car moving services.


Is It Cheaper To Transport Automobiles In Open-Car Trailers Than To Transport Them In An Enclosed One?

Open-car trailer transportation is generally less expensive than enclosed trailers, making it a popular and cost-effective option for moving cars.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Open-Car Transport For Your Car?

Open-car transport trailers are widely available, carry more vehicles, and allow easy inspections. They are an affordable option for transporting cars over long distances.

Are Enclosed-Car Transport Trailers Better For Expensive Cars?

Yes, enclosed-car transport trailers offer greater protection, making them ideal for transporting expensive and luxurious vehicles. They protect vehicles from the elements, provide climate control, and minimize the risk of damage.

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