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Small Moves: A Complete Guide to Your Best Options

What picture do you get in your mind when we talk about moving? A medium- to large-sized professional crew is working together and carrying the goods to the destination of their client’s location in a big truck. However, not every Move needs a big crew and a big truck. Some relocation processes are very small, and you need different methods and approaches to carry them out efficiently. We are talking about a type of move that is small and complex. For example, transporting items present in a single room to another room that is not far away or a moving task where the person has only very few items that an individual can board on a car and relocate easily

If you are planning to make a small move, multiple questions may arise in your mind. The first question would be to identify if your requirement for relocation falls under the small move category, and there can be multiple questions along with this, like whether to hire a specialized company or go about such a scenario by adopting a DIY approach. If you plan to make a not-big-size move in the future, keep reading on, as this blog will clear your mind about all the questions about the best options for small moves.

How do you identify if the move is small?

The first question on your mind will be whether your relocation requirement falls under the small move category or not. Here, you identify it by considering the following factors:

1. The number of items you have at your place

Suppose you have only a few items at your place, such as one bed and mattress, basic kitchen appliances and utensils, and one or two small electrical items. In that case, they will fall under the category of small moves.

2. Identify According to Distance

If you are moving to a nearby location with few goods for which you need the smallest of vehicles and no help regarding packing, loading, and unloading, you may consider such a relocation task a small move.

3. A move that you can perform yourself

If your requirement to relocate is such that you can complete it just by yourself or with the help of one or two friends by using your vehicle, it is a small move.

However, even with the above-mentioned general categorization, there’s no such scale by which one can determine if a particular task of moving is small. However, if you speak in technical terms if you are looking to relocate household items that are less than 1000 cubic feet in size and move for less than 50 km along with them, such tasks fall under the category of small moves.

Examples of the small moves

1. Move to a college or school hostel

If anyone relocates to a college or the school hostel, such moves are mostly small ones. You will only be carrying a handbag of clothes, a laptop, stationery, some bedding, and a small table at most. Such moves don’t require a large crew or a large vehicle.

2. One room item is moving with no kitchen.

Many bachelor and office workers stay in a single room with limited items they need for their daily lives. The transportation of goods from such places generally falls under small moves. Such rules do not have a kitchen with them; if the kitchen is with them, it does not have many appliances that you generally find in a regular kitchen.

3. Relocation across the street or very near

It is not rare to see people moving just across the street to the next house where they are living right now.  For such moving, when searching for transportation, you do not need to hire a full-fledged professional crew and a big truck via a professional packers and movers company in Ghaziabad.

Options when you want to complete a small move

Several ways exist to conduct a small move, as explained below.

1. Hire a transport vehicle only

You can complete a small move by hiring only a small transport vehicle without hiring professionals for the packing, loading, and unloading services. You can do the rest of the tasks, except transportation, on your own. Maybe you can hire one or two individuals for loading and unloading, or take the help of friends and relatives for packaging your goods, use your vehicle, and complete the whole process.

If the number of your belongings and their size are such that you can use your vehicle to carry them to the destination, you do not need to hire any transporter or packers and movers company as well. This way, you will be saving lots of money, and you just need to spend some bucks on packing your goods.

2. Packer and mover company for the relocation

Even after knowing that moving your goods is not a big task, you may want a smooth move where you are not stressed. Going with professional movers and packers is still a better option. The thing with packers and movers is that they will complete the whole task on your behalf, so from packing the goods to unloading the goods at your destination, it will be a safe and smooth ride. The 6 Packers and Movers platform provides the same at the best price. You can communicate with several options for moving and packing companies surrounding you, offering you the most affordable pricing.

3. Complete the move with the help of friends and relatives.

In case you want to save money by not paying anything for the transport or packers and movers services and not even the manpower, you can go about it with the help of relatives or friends. They can help you with all the aspects of moving, from packing to unloading. For example, friends can help you with the packing; they may even provide you with used boxes for moving or other packing stuff, and in terms of transportation loading, they can help you with the vehicle and help you with every step so you end up saving money and sharing responsibility with others.

Tips to save money on small moves

If you have been reading the blog until now, several ideas crop up in your mind to save money. Here are some great tips to help you save money on your small move while also completing it as quickly as possible.

  1. You should try to complete the different aspects of relocation on your own. The more tasks you complete, the lower your spending will be on your relocation process.
  2. Another trip for you is to take the help of your friends and relatives with all the relocation steps. This blog already discussed this in one of the previous points.
  3. If you have a vehicle with you, you can try to move some of your items, or maybe all of your items.  In case the destination is not far away, you can make multiple rounds from the pickup to the destination to carry all the stuff.
  4. You can become smart with your choices in terms of packing, loading, and unloading to save money. One example would be to use the stuff already with you for packing. For example, you may have a blanket at your place that you can use to provide cushion for fragile items by packing them inside.
  5. The right planning and starting of the process as early as possible is key to completing any relocation task of any size and this holds for small moves as well. Do not be carefree by thinking your move is small; you can complete it with a carefree attitude. Plan and complete the entire task of relocation step by step, which will help you keep your goods safe and move without hassle.

Wrapping up

Small moves are one of the least talked about topics in moving goods. You need to adopt a different approach when dealing with such types of moves to relocate your goods to a new destination. Moreover, you have several ways to complete small moves. This blog elaborates on most of them, from adopting a DIY approach to hiring specialized moving services. Hopefully, with the knowledge shared in this blog, you will be in an excellent position to execute your move.

When planning a small move, you may be taking services from outside in terms of transportation, loading, and unloading by hiring personnel. Tips like getting discounts, speaking to as many companies as possible, and getting on a platform like 6 Packers and Movers can help you save money.

frequently Asked Questions for Small Moves

What Are Examples Of Small Moves?

  • Moves to a college or school hostel with minimal belongings.
  • Moving items from a single room with limited possessions and no kitchen.
  • Relocating very short distances, such as across the street or nearby.

Can I Handle A Small Relocation By Myself?

You can complete small moves by yourself, provided you only have a few belongings and a short distance to travel. Use your vehicle for transportation, stuff like blankets and crates for packing, and take help from friends for loading and uploading.

Is Hiring Expert Packers And Movers For A Modest Move Necessary?

While not required, hiring specialists for a small move ensures a smoother and less stressful experience. They take care of the loading, unloading, and packing so that you can focus on other aspects of your move.

How Do I Identify If My Move Falls Under The Small Move Or Small Load Moving Category?

If your items are smaller than 1000 cubic feet and you do not have to travel more than 50 kilometers, technically speaking, it is a small move. A small move is one in which there is a significantly smaller load and distance of items than usual, both in size and weight.

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