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Are Moving Costs Negotiable?

When you start planning your move of households to a new location, one of the biggest factors that makes you worry is the cost. Since relocation is something you are not going to do every day, most people are likely unaware of the expected cost they will have to bear for moving. However, like any other expenditure, you want it to be as low as possible. In such a situation, if you do not bargain or negotiate with prospective relocation companies, you will experience a process that will put a dent in your wallet. Therefore, you must negotiate with prospective packers and movers companies.

You may lack knowledge about it. However, worry not! In this post, we are going to take you on a journey where you will get to understand the negotiation process when you are moving to a new location with your perspective packers and movers company. Let’s start by getting a complete understanding of the pricing. Further, we are going to discuss tips and tricks to help you receive the lowest possible quotation for your relocation process.

Understanding the pricing component of moving

First things first, let’s break down the typical components related to moving to India or all over the globe. These vary from company to company, but most of them are standard in the industry.

1. Packing and packing

This will make up a major part of your total bill, especially if you have lots of fragile or big items. The costs of packing boxes, tape, markers, ropes, and blankets can add up very quickly.

2. Transportation

The second component of your move is the transportation course, which includes the charges to hire a truck and fuel costs. The bigger the vehicle and the longer the distance, the higher the charges are likely to be.

3. Loading and unloading charges

The loading and unloading of relocation is a task performed by labor, and their charges go up or down according to the complexity of the job and the number of workers needed.

4. Insurance coverage costs

When you move to a new location, you need to cover the damage from unforeseen circumstances. However, you must negotiate the premium with the company to avoid higher costs that can add up to increase your total bill for the move.

5. Taxes and miscellaneous fees

Apart from all the components of the cost explained above, you may have to pay some more taxes and miscellaneous fees, such as toll charges. They may look small, but if you do not consider them from the beginning of your moving planning and budget, they can add up and significantly increase the cost of the move.

Now let us move on to understanding the art of negotiation. When you move, you go to a new location.

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How do you go about the art of negotiation like a pro when moving goods?

Now let’s move on to the fun part of negotiation, and the following strategies can be a great help:

1. Get multiple quotes

The first tip for you is to get a pricing quotation from multiple packers and movers companies. The target should be to get quotations from at least three movers to get a sense of the market and prevailing prices. Although the motive is to spend as little as possible, it should not be at the cost of reliability or quality of the service. Always look to find the perfect balance between pricing and the quality of the services you expect to receive.

2. Do not be shy about bargaining

Many people looking to move their goods make the mistake of not being upfront with the lowest price and bargaining. especially when you know that you are someone who is moving for the first time and are not away from the prevailing prices. One of the best tricks is to let the prospect movers know that you have an offer of xxxx rupees and ask them if they can offer you lower pricing than that. There are other ways, like contacting your friends, and they can provide you with some referrals.

3. Always take time

Unless you are in an emergency and need to move within 1 or 2 days, never be in a hurry to complete the process of moving. The first step is to get a quotation from the perspective movers and packers company. Look to get the best option by using the 6 Packers and Movers platform, doing an online search, or asking your friends and relatives if they have any information on a trustworthy movers and packers company. Go through the existing reviews, both online and offline, and check the relocation company’s website and social media pages to get a feel for what kind of services they offer and the quality of service.

4. Always ask for a detailed breakdown of the moving quotations

Communicate your needs and requirements with the prospective companies clearly and consciously, and do not hesitate to ask them to send thorough and clear quotations from their side, including all the hidden charges. In-person inspection is also an important step here. Always insist on a visit from the representative of the company so that they can look at all the goods they will have to transport and you can get exact quotations from them.

5. Be smart and innovative

You can look for discounts, off-season opportunities, and other ways to cut the cost of moving, just like in any other industry where services are offered. You need to use offline and online tactics to look for opportunities. For example, one of your friends may have contact information for a reliable packing and moving company. He may be able to share the contact number details and get you the referral bonus discount. Online, you can look for discount coupons or opportunities that can occur during the season because of a lack of demand.

6. Be prepared to walk away

Remember that there are two aspects of the moving process that you should care about. First is the quality of the service, which is directly related to the smoothness of the move and the safety of your goods, and it is something that you cannot compromise on. The second part is the pricing part, where you should be able to walk away whenever you feel that the prospective moving and packing company is not willing to come down to your rates or in case they seem unprofessional. Just walk away and speak to other companies.

How is 6 Packers and Movers your ideal companion?

It is quite clear that choosing a moving and packing company is never a straightforward decision. The biggest fear for you is that you contract a low-rate moving service that turns out to be unprofessional, which leads to damage to your goods and even fraud.

However, using the 6 Packers and Movers eliminates these two fears. But how? The platform will let you know about the nearest packers and movers company Faridabad offering the most competitive pricing; it means they will have the competition in them to get you as a customer. They will be making calls back to you, and you can negotiate with them. Secondly, since the companies are already filtered through the stringent process of checking their credibility, which ensures that customers get the only trust for the options, this considerably decreases the chance of unprofessionalism and fraud. So instead of becoming confused and tentative with your approach towards hiring a packer and movers and bargaining, you can just visit the platform of 6 Packers and Movers and start your journey to a successful move.


In the maze of picking a credible company for moving your goods and making sure that you’re paying the lowest possible price for your move without sacrificing quality, it’s a difficult art. Here, bargaining is one of the best options if you can use it intelligently to ensure you have no headache whatsoever when transporting your goods to a new location. On this particular journey, this post aims to help you with all the nitty-gritty details of bargaining. Hopefully, you will use these tips about price negotiation when relocating goods and experience a smooth journey.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Moving Costs Be Negotiated?

Yes, moving costs are negotiable, as this blog intends to make you aware. You can effectively negotiate a lower total cost by being aware of the components, such as packing, transportation, and insurance pricing.

How Do You Negotiate Like A Pro When Moving?

To negotiate like a pro, gather several quotes, be honest about your spending limits, take your time, request comprehensive breakdowns, look into discounts, and be ready to walk away when necessary.

Why Choose 6 Packers And Movers?

6 Packers and Movers company offers competitive pricing by connecting you with nearby movers. They ensure credibility through a stringent check, reducing the risk of unprofessionalism and fraud and making the selection process easier.

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