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How Do You Move With Pets While Keeping Them Comfortable And Stress-Free?

So, you have decided to move to a new place and plan to minimize issues, disturbances, and stress. You think you have taken care of everything, and all of a sudden, you realize that you have a pet that has to move along with you. Now you have another issue in front of you and have not planned for it. This is not an imaginary situation but something that can happen to anyone looking to relocate, especially in a country like India, where people do not have sufficient knowledge about pet moving and how such a movie involving pets should be taken care of.

You must focus on this particular step as your pets, just as you can feel the excitement of moving to a new location and have specific needs according to your type and breed. It is your duty to provide them with the right environment so that they can comfortably move to a new location. But how do you go about it? Let’s learn!

Begin with an assessment of the new location according to pet needs

Before you pick out your new location for a dream home, it is always better to assess the place according to your pet’s needs. There are a few you need to take care of. First, roam around the location to find out if there are aggressive dogs in the neighborhood who may create issues for your pet.

If you have dogs, give them a new place where they can roam around without too much of an issue. If you are going to live in a high apartment building, it might become an issue for you to follow the routine of daily walking. For cats, you may want to decorate your home vertically, like using vertical shelving such as a Kitty Block, to give them a homely feeling and a place where you can live happily once they move. Find information about the pet-friendly park, local vet, and pet shop for supplies at your new place or nearby.

Get information from your packers and movers about pet relocation

When it comes to pets, not every company will help you move them. Some may do it, or some may say no to it. You will have to speak to your prospective moving and packing company and get information from them about whether they are willing to take them. If yes, how do they go about moving pets? Here, the steps to keep PTs safe and comfortable are super important.

  1.  If you decide to move your pet alongside you, ensure that you have someone to watch over the proceedings on the day of moving so that you can remain focused on your pet.
  2. Some specialized companies offer pet-friendly compartments or vans, so if they have them, you may consider them. However, you may have to shell out extra money for that, so do consider that.
  3.  Even if you hire a pet-friendly moving company, you will need someone to accompany your pet on the day of moving. Therefore, assigning someone to this task is important. Your family member or you are the best option for this.

Preparing Your Pet for the Move

  • You will need your pets to get acclimated to the crates. For this, you can place their food in open crates.  Within a few days, they will get used to eating their meals from crates.
  • The second step you can take is to conduct short rides in your vehicle with your pet so that they become habitual with moving.
  • You may go one step ahead and play with your pets around a crate and offer them rewarding treats so that they can start loving being around crates.

Gather essential pet supplies

You need to realize that you cannot afford to mix up your pet’s essential supplies with others. You want your pet to feel comfortable during the journey and once you reach your destination. You will need at least a day or two to feel settled in your new location. The following pet supplies will help you on the day of moving:

  1. Your pet should have a collar with an ID tag containing your contact information.
  2. Don’t forget to pack your pet’s food, a dog poop bag, and water for the journey.
  3. Health is one factor that you cannot take for granted, so do carry any necessary medications.
  4. Keep your pet’s leash and harness so that they remain in one place during one location and don’t make others uncomfortable.
  5. It is a good idea to keep bedding for comfort and to reduce stress.
  6. Apart from the medicine, don’t forget to keep a first aid box with items like gauze, antiseptics, and cleaning supplies for accidents. and tweezers for emergencies.
  7. You may need the required health certificates and travel documents for your pet’s relocation.

Preparing Your Pet for the Move

Between cats and dogs, the cats are more likely to feel stressed when they move to a new place. It is better that you bring in the packing material for your goods, like the packing boxes, as early as possible so that they can become comfortable with the moving. On the day of moving, keep the boxes of petrol stations separately. You can keep your pet’s shirt inside the quiet room so that they don’t cause any disturbance or try to get out of the gate.

Acclimating your pets for the move

The presence of people moving through your home, the constant opening and closing of doors, and the overall chaotic atmosphere can make a moving day stressful. To overcome this challenge, you may follow the following tips for the relocation of your pet:

  1. You can designate a safe area, which can be a secure room. It can keep your pet from noise and all the chaos of moving.
  2. On the day of moving, you need to remain calm and positive and not get into any stressful situations with your moving company, as it can stress your pets.
  3. On the day of moving, do not forget your pets and maintain the daily routine, including regular feeding, exercise, and playtime schedules. If you happen to be busy during the day, you must find someone you trust in your family or a friend to take care of this task.
  4. During the move, you must keep some stuff that your pet likes, like dishes and toys, to help them remain calm, as they will feel at home because of the scent and comfort they find while being with their familiar goods.

Acclimatising pets when they reach a new place

When you reach your new place, it is time for your pet to adjust to the new environment. That’s like humans taking time to get to new places, so you should do everything to make them comfortable, and for this, you mean to find the falling suggestions helpful.

  1. You can begin by setting up a comfortable space for pets where they can sit or spend time. It will give them the sense of being in a safe place, and they will get acclimatized quickly.
  2. Show your pet the new place and walk around with them around it so that they can get comfortable with the surroundings and the environment.
  3. It can be easy to lose focus during the chaos of moving; however, make a point to maintain a routine like feeding exercise during playtime so that pets can feel safer and more comfortable in new places.
  4. If you have a dog who is a little uneasy, it is better to keep them leashed for a few days to remain calm and not threaten people roaming around outside of a new home.
  5. One more aspect that you will have to take care of is keeping your pet tagged for a few days. They may feel uncomfortable in a new place and even roam outside your new home. Keeping a tag with your contact information is a good idea so that in case they do something wrong outside unknowingly, the people who come into contact with them may contact you back to bring them back into your place.

Moving Tips for Different Types of Pets Apart from Regular One

Most of you will have dogs or cats; however, some people keep different kinds of pets, like fish, mice, reptiles, etc. Every pet has specific needs, and you will usually be the best judge of how to take care of them. Taking care of them on your own instead of trusting a moving company is better. For example, moving fish can be treated due to their sensitivity to changes in water conditions. You can carry them in a similar kind of water inside the water bags safely alongside you. The birds can be anxious during the move, so you can keep them in the cages to prevent escape. Moreover, covering the cage while keeping the food in the cages alongside some good snacks is a good idea.

 For reptiles, you can keep a moist cloth around their container so that they feel comfortable and do not get affected by humidity. If you have a tortoise, they are rather easy to move, and just by keeping them fed, you can move them safely.

One step that will help you is to keep your contact details outside the container. It helps the individual find you in case the container is lost while moving for any reason.

Another thing you need to take care of is the local regulations of new places regarding moving pets. Go online or speak to your package company to get information about the local regulations regarding certain pets so that you do not face any issues on the day of moving.


When relocating to a new location in India, many people lack the necessary information and knowledge to move their pets. Moving to a new location can be stressful for humans, and it can be emotionally draining. Similarly, when you relocate your pets to a new location, they can experience mental and physical exhaustion. This guide will provide the information you need to make this process comfortable for your pest. It talks about and discusses different phases related to pet moving, such as choosing a packer and more company, taking the assessment of the new place according to your pet’s needs, how to move the pet on the day of moving, and even how to make them comfortable once you are at the new place. So use suggestions from this guide and make your move a great experience for your cute companions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my pet comfortable and less stressful during the move?

You can take a few steps to minimize your pet’s anxiety. First, you can make them adapt to the carrier or travel container well in advance. Then you can also make them comfortable by feeding them through the crate. Keep them away from all the noise and hustle and bustle. Speaking to your veterinary doctor is also a good suggestion, as they can help you with minor details to keep your pet happy and agile during the move.

Are there any specific regulations for moving with pets in India?

If you are moving your pets to a new place in India that happens to be outside of your current city and state, you may need some permission. If you bring the pet from outside India, you will need a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the Department of Animal Quarantine and Certification Services, which falls under the Ministry of Agriculture in India.

What should I do if my pet becomes lost during the move?

In case you lose your pad during the move, you can first not panic. You should speak with your packers and movers first regarding your requirements. However, if you are not getting any clues, you may speak with the local police. Spreading the word is critical, so go online to find local forums to spread the word; you can even use your social media accounts to inform the public about your pet’s disappearance. As a preventive suggestion, you should keep the tag around your pad during the move, which should have your contact information on it.

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