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Why Do Most Packers And Movers Not Transport Pets?

If you own a pet and have ever tried to move your belongings to another place with the help of a moving and packing company, you must have encountered situations where they clearly said no. Have you ever wondered why this answer is something you expect to receive from most movers when requesting the moving of pets along with goods? The major reason for this is quite obvious: when it comes to moving your belongings, they are non-living things. However, when we talk about pets like dogs and cats, they have emotions and require special treatment.

You cannot blame most packers and movers for adopting this policy. But it does not mean you cannot confidently move your pets to your location.  In this blog, first of all, we will go into the major challenges a moving company experiences when it comes to moving a pet, and then we will go in-depth to understand how you can deal with the situation.

The major challenges faced by packers and movers in transporting pets

1. Most movers in Lack specialize in handling your pets

Most relocation companies expect themselves to deal with nonliving things and general stuff, like your house furniture and household items; they do not emphasize including the skill of moving pets in their services. Pets are quite different, and they require expert training and understanding. If you are a pet owner, you must be aware that you need to treat your pet with certain things, and by spending time with them, you understand their behavior and responses. However, such skills are unavailable to most movers, and they do not have sufficient time to train their staff.

2. Pets may experience discomfort while being transported to a new place

Pets are very much like humans; they show different emotions when moving to a new place. Moreover, they are more sensitive to the environment, which can lead to stress and discomfort during the transportation of goods. The surroundings, which become unfamiliar to them or allow them to smell new things, are likely to cause disturbance. They also get affected when they learn their owner is absent during the move.

3. A high level of Accountability

When a moving service moves household goods, and something goes wrong, they can still compensate in monetary terms; however, with pets, the situation is different as they are living beings. If they get harmed, the consequences can be harsher, and they may not be able to compensate in monetary terms. This accountability factor makes most packers and movers companies in India and abroad stay away from pet moving.

4. Other factors related to pets that make them uncomfortable

Many individuals do not feel comfortable when they come into contact with a pet. Similarly,  there can be uncomfortable situations that can occur because of your pet making noises, the fear of then making the vehicle dirty, and the factor of allergy, which also contributes to the decision of the moving company to say no to any client asking them to transport the pets to a new location.

So now that you have understood the reasons behind the decision of movers and packers services not to transfer the pets via them, it is time to understand how you can transport them and make a pet ready to deal with anxiety and comfort while traveling.

Alternatives for moving your pet safely

1. Go with pet transport services

It is not like you will find a single packer and movers company that transports pets. However, such services are available in small numbers. You can visit a platform like 6 Packers and Movers online to find pet-specific packers and movers. Such expert companies have dedicated experts who are familiar with handling the pet while taking care of their emotional side and keeping them comfortable during the move.

2. Opt for DIY method

One of the best methods is to carry your pet along with you. However, if you are moving to a faraway destination, it is always better to consult a veterinary doctor to take care of your pet’s health and ask for a trip from them to keep your pet in good shape during the whole journey.

Another thing you must think about is how to keep your pet in good health and good spirits during the move, and there are tips for it. Let’s discuss.

How do you help pets overcome anxiety and depression when you treat them?

Ahead, you will read about a few tips to help you accomplish this for your pets.

1. Bring familiar items

Just like humans, pets want to be surrounded by familiar atmospheres and stuff. To make them more comfortable, you can bring them toys, blankets, and anything else your pet plays with to remain comfortable during transportation.

2. Stay close to your pet and observe the pet’s behavior during the move

The owner’s name on the pet is always reassuring for them. Please keep your pet close to you during the move and be affectionate towards them.

Moreover, just like humans, pets are emotional creatures. Every pet reacts differently to the situation, and it is always advisable that you pay attention to your pet’s reaction to the relocation situation. If you find that you are becoming more anxious, comfort them and be a little playful with them so that they remain comfortable.

3. Carry their basic needs

You should focus on making sure that your pets have no problem accessing their basic needs. For example, you should carry their drinking water and food with you. This may sound like a natural step, but surprisingly, many pet owners forget to follow this tip.

4. The consideration of the vehicle

Believe it or not, pets can also have preferences for the vehicle. Some pets like to travel in the owner’s vehicle only and feel uncomfortable in a stranger’s vehicle. Some pets have a preference for airy vehicles where ventilation is not an issue. If you have been leaving with your pet, you must be aware of their behavior about the type of vehicle you are traveling in, so keep this in mind as well.

Many people who move their belongings for the first time tend to be surprised when they learn that most moving and packing companies say no to moving their pets. It can be confusing for many since it seems like a simple task to move a pet like a cat, dog, or other pet. This read will clear your doubts and help you understand this trend. Moreover, it offers some insightful information on how you can keep your pet comfortable and prepare for the move, in addition to providing information on alternatives for you to relocate pets along with your goods.

Whether you are moving your pet or your belongings, you will require the assistance of dependable, affordable, and knowledgeable professionals. For this purpose, you can rely on  6 Packers and Movers, an excellent platform to find packers and movers services in Navi Mumbai for almost all types of tasks in any part of India. With a tried-and-tested process that’s helpful to customers and ensures that your hired moving company is trustworthy, you can rest assured that your goods or pet relocation is in responsible hands.

FAQs: Moving Pets with Packers and Movers

Can Movers Move Pets?

While most moving companies don’t move pets, there are not many companies in the field of moving pets. Many professional moving companies offer pet relocation services, ensuring a safe and stress-free move for your furry friends.

Does Moving To A New Location Prove Stressful For Dogs?

Moving can be stressful for dogs and all pets due to changes in their environment.  However, careful planning, familiar items, and extra attention can help ease their transition.

What Is The Best Way To Help My Dog Or Pet Cope With Moving With Less Stress?

To reduce stress, stick to routines, pack gradually, keep familiar items close, and create a comfortable space during the move. Additionally, seek advice from a veterinarian on pet anxiety management.

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