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A Complete Guide to Transferring Utilities When Moving

When most customers plan to relocate to a new place, utilities are the last thing that strikes their mind. It is natural because when you talk about moving to a new place, we are worried about hiring a packers and movers company, the steps related to packaging and transporting your goods, and the budget of your whole process. You do not think too much about what you are going to do with the steps related to the transfer of gas or the water connection to the new place where you are heading. You must have understood that we are talking about the step of transferring the utilities to the new place.

This may skip your mind initially when relocating. However, it will surely strike your mind at some point, and you are likely to be stressed about it. So if you are reading this blog, it is a good thing because this post will help you understand what to do with the utilities when you are moving to a new place and how to plan the whole thing so you do not find yourself in a catch-22 situation. Let’s begin by understanding the importance of carrying out this process convincingly.

The importance of transferring utilities to a new place:

Just imagine -you have to relocate and do everything right in planning the move, but you forgot to take care of your LPG connection transfer. You reached the new place, and just on the second day, you realized that there was no LPG left in your cylinder, and you had not taken the step to transfer the gas connection to a new address. This results in an unfavorable situation where you find your wife under stress. Since it is a new place for us, you are not able to find an alternative for gas refilling.

However, if you had transferred the gas connection, the situation could have been easier for you. The same can happen regarding electricity, water, internet, and other utilities such as bank services. All these utilities are an inseparable part of living comfortably and demand equal focus, just like all steps.

Essential utilities you need to be concerned with:

When moving to a new place in India, the following utilities are important to take care of in terms of transferring them to the new place.

1. Electricity:

One cannot afford to live without electricity anywhere.  When moving, you will have to transfer the existing electricity connection or get a new one at your new place. If you are moving to a new city or state, you will need to contact the local electricity board to apply for a new connection as per the norms. However, if you are moving within the city, you may only need to get your connection transferred, and ideally, you should begin this process 3 to 4 weeks before moving.

2. Water:

Just like electricity, water connections are equally important. The drinking water supply in India is managed and governed by the municipal corporation and the local water boards under the government. To transfer the water connection, you may connect the municipal corporation of the city where you are moving to, or in case there is the same municipal corporation where you are currently living and moving to, you may contact your existing supply provider

3. Cooking gas:

Once you are stress-free about the water and electricity, you can shift your focus to cooking gas. Usually, you will find cooking gas agencies everywhere in India, so finding a gas agency in a new place should not be an issue. In some places, you will also find pipe gas connections.

In either of these two scenarios, you need to inform your LPG services, like Indane or Hindustan Petroleum, about your move and communicate with them.  Ideally, you should get started on this  2 -3 weeks before arriving at your new location. It is important that you can get the delivery of the LPG cylinder or the connection of the new pipeline to your house straight away when you complete your relocation.

4. Internet connection:

Mobile phones have become so popular that people have forgotten about landline phones; however, the internet connection is the new utility that has become quite popular. You will find internet service providers like Airtel Jio offering fiber broadband to houses in almost all of India’s tier 1 to tier 3 cities.

Like the other utilities, you may want a reconnection fiber broadband connection at your new place to keep your work going, apart from the entertainment consumption on mobile phones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs. You should inform your broadband service provider to relocate your connection to the new place at least 3 to 4 days before the actual moving day. If the same company is not offering broadband at the new place, you may look for a new collection provider.

5. Other utilities:

Apart from the major utilities explained above, you may have small utilities in the form of a cable TV connection or DTH service provider security services that you need to take care of. Moreover, you may even have to inform your bank about the address of your new place so that important documents like statements and communication documents may reach the new place without issues.

Now that you have gained knowledge about the types of utilities, let’s talk about effective tips that can make the whole process seamless.

Utilities Transferring infographic

Steps to simplify the process of transferring the utilities:

1. Planning:

One of the first tips for you is to begin the transfer process of your utilities at least 2 to 3 weeks before you experience your relocation process. This will give you ample time to contact your current and new providers for utilities and complete the necessary paperwork without causing any interruptions.

When planning the transfer of your utilities, you collect your current utility account numbers and contact information for each of the providers. Moreover, in some areas, you may have multiple utility providers for gas, internet, water, and electricity services. In this case, you may research your options, compare prices, and evaluate them according to customer reviews and online and offline feedback.

2. Contacting your current providers on time:

At your current address, you need to take care of your responsibilities regarding utilities. You need to tell your electricity provider that you are not going to need the electricity at the existing home and will want to settle the bill. By taking this step, you will get information about the termination clauses or any extra fees you may need to pay before continuing with them. You must ensure that the disconnection of the utilities happens right on time so that you are not burdened with any future queries about them.

3. Contracting with new providers at your new place:

According to your research, you may choose your preferred utility providers for your new location. Once you have picked the new service provider, the next step is to provide the company with the necessary information, including your move-in date, address information, ID proof, etc., so they can schedule the activity to connect the utility to the new address. Even here, you may be required to pay security services, initial charges, a security deposit, or an advance payment for the services that you avail of.

4. Documentation:

Amidst the whole effort of transferring utilities, you should keep track of all communication with your current and new providers. These include emails, phone call logs, and confirmation letters.  Moreover, if there are any documents you furnish or receive from the utility service provider,  you should keep a record of them. Furthermore, you may keep documents with details of the connection provider number and copies of communication to keep this organized.

5. Additional tips:

The complete effort of transferring the utilities may seem complex and difficult; however, just planning and being clever with it will help you immensely. For example, use online resources to find ways to contact and communicate with utility service providers. You can talk to them by communicating through mail and even paying the bill to them using their apps and website.


In the entire process of relocation, the aspect of transferring utilities is often overlooked. However, it should not be. To help clients who want to take care of this factor efficiently, this blog intends to be a complete guide that shares complete information, from the types of utilities to tips to transfer them to contacting new providers seamlessly.

Among the various tips in the guide post, one is to take advantage of the 6 Packers and Movers platform, which helps the client find the Best Movers and Packers services in Thane for all relocation tasks. Many offer assistance regarding the transfer of utilities along with the usual process of packing and moving their client’s belongings.

FAQs on Smooth Transfer of Utilities When Moving:

What are the most important utilities to think about while relocating to India?

While moving to India, you should prioritize setting up water and electricity connections and making arrangements for internet and cooking gas. To live comfortably, these things. The process of transferring these necessary services can be made easier by organizing ahead of time and keeping in timely contact with local providers.

What are the essential utilities to consider when moving in India?

When relocating to India, focus on transferring electricity and water connections and arranging for cooking gas and internet services. These utilities are vital for comfortable living. Timely communication with local providers and planning can ease the process of transferring these essential services.

How can I simplify the process of transferring utilities during relocation?

To make utility transfers easier, start planning at least two to three weeks before the relocation. Gather information about the current utility providers, look into available providers at the new location, and get in touch with current providers to pay off any outstanding balances. For a smooth transition, pick new providers, give the information that is required, and maintain records of every communication.

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