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What You Should Know About Moving Quotes?

When you plan to move to a new location, one of the first things you worry about is finding an affordable moving company. However, each moving company offers different kinds of pricing. Here, you want to receive the best possible quotation that meets your requirements. In this situation, moving quotations help you greatly. If you are not aware, it is a pricing estimate that a relocation company gives to a prospective customer according to their requirements.

However, going about the process of receiving quotations from different companies and selecting one among them is not straightforward and involves complexities. For example – you need to have an understanding of the different types of moving quotations you will receive from different packers and movers companies.

The majority of people, including you, may not have the necessary information about the relocation quotes. No worries, this blog will help you with all the information you have about moving quotes, their types, and how to make sure you pick the right company offering the best possible option. Let’s begin!

Types of moving quotes

If you talk about the global stage and even according to the Indian context, you can divide the moving quotations into three types.

1. Non-binding estimates for moving

It is the relocation estimate you will receive from the moving company based on the in-person survey of your belongings and the expected set of services you will need. The most important thing about such quotations is that they are not fixed in nature.

You need to declare the items you want to move and the services you need. However, if the volume of goods or services increases, the hired moving company can increase the cost of the move as per its internal policies and rules. The biggest drawback is that the charges can go up if you encounter unexpected circumstances and changes in the volume of goods.

2. Binding moving quotation

These are the opposite of the non-binding estimates in terms of their nature. The moving company offers such quotations to the customer after a thorough inspection of the belongings and the goods. Because these contracts are legally binding, you will not see hired movers and packers charging extra unless the entire nature of the move changes. Generally, these kinds of estimates do not have any hidden fees and are usually higher than the standard charges. However, this is better for customers because there is a very low chance that they will have to pay more than the quoted price.

3. Not to exceed moving estimates

Now, if you want to receive a quotation that has the properties of both binding and non-binding quotations, not exceeding estimates is perfect for you. Such quotations offer the maximum pricing a client will need to pay, but the final cost may be less than the quoted pricing if the volume of goods and their number are less than the estimate.

Such moving quotations are perfect for you because you can relax if you know that your goods and volume do not exceed the terms and conditions of the quoted pricing, and you get to enjoy the properties of both the binding and non-binding quotations.

Now that you have understood the types of moving quotations, you may want to know how packers and movers companies calculate their costs. Let us discuss it.

How do moving services calculate the relocation cost in India?

There is no single method by which the moving companies calculate the cost. However, most of them calculate the pricing according to the type and distance of the move.  A general formula to calculate the moving costs is as follows:

Total moving cost  = packing + handling + transportation + unpacking + additional charges

If you want to learn more, keep in mind that packing charges cover the cost of packing materials and labor, whereas handling charges cover the cost of loading and unloading the goods.

Moreover, the cost of unpacking and rearranging the items is included in the unpacking charges. Tolls, taxes, storage fees, insurance, and other expenses may be included in the extra costs.

After learning about the different types of moving quotes and how they are calculated, you will want to learn more about the tips for receiving moving quotes and selecting one that meets your needs. Let’s discuss those.

Tips for moving quotations

1. Always look to get the approximate moving quotations after the in-person evaluation

One of the biggest mistakes you can make about this process is to say yes after a phone call with the moving company’s representative without an in-person review and evaluation of your goods.

Just by telling the company that you have a certain amount of goods in volume and size over the phone and hiring them immediately, you may feel that you’re completing the process faster. However, it can be a big issue since the actual goods and the service may go up or down when moving happens in reality. So, don’t ever make a mistake regarding moving quotations.

2. Receive quotations from multiple companies

In the process of relocation, planning matters a lot. For example, starting with your planning at least 3 to 4 weeks before the actual day of moving is advisable. Similarly, you must request quotations from 3–7 companies for comparison. It will help you understand the standard pricing you will need to spend on relocation and give you several options to choose from.

3. Learn to bargain

Another big tip for you is that you must understand that bargaining is a good strategy in such scenarios. Various moving and packing companies offer moving estimates that are usually higher than the industry standard.

So there is no shame in being a person who is ready to do the bargain. Right from the first step in the moving process, when you speak to the representative of the moving and packing company until the in-person inspection is completed, ensure you are looking for every opportunity to bargain.

4. Look out for various ways to get the quotations

One more tip that can help you out is to use multiple methods to get quotations from the relocation companies. You can use Google search and social media channels like Facebook to get quotes and ask your neighbors and friends if they know of a reputable moving company. With this process, you can expand the horizons of your search and get a high number of options from multiple sources.

Furthermore, the information you will receive on moving companies as recommendations from your friends, relatives, and neighbors will be more credible because they will tell you about the companies from whom they have previously obtained services.

5. Look to use the 6 Packers and Movers company platform

Another piece of advice for you is that you use the services of the 6 Packers and Movers platform. It is a specialized platform built and designed with the customer’s needs in mind, and you can get a quotation from the nearest active packers and movers company offering services for your moving needs.

This platform ensures that the customer receives quotations from credible companies only, and most of them will offer you the most affordable pricing. Don’t miss the excellent opportunity to use this platform, as it is a fantastic option for people looking to move within the city or India.

6. Be innovative with your approach

From the beginning, when planning to move, ensure you are one step ahead. Here, it means that you planned your relocation process immaculately. Look for discount coupons and offers from the moving and packing companies and try to move at a time when the demand is low.

Generally, you will find demand for packers and movers goes down during the weekdays and goes up at the weekend. The same pattern of demand going up appears when the colleges reopen in March or April. Several other factors also affect the whole pricing game in the relocation process, so think hard and make a checklist according to the affecting factors to plan your relocation process better. It will impact not only receiving the moving quotations step but also the whole relocation procedure.

7. Read and understand your contract with the movers and packers

You must ensure that you are reading every term of your contract with the hired movers and packers. Look for clauses about hidden fees and the information on services that the hired movers and packers company will offer you. Understand the type of moving quotation given to you and if you are suspicious about anything, talk to them clearly and get an understanding of the whole contract in detail.

8. Always prioritize the credibility of the company over your budget

Many people just look to save money when relocating to another place. They tend to pick any company offering them the lowest pricing. However, such a move can backfire if the company offering the low prices turns out to be an incompetent service or even a fraudulent moving company. Ensure you go through multiple reviews and speak to the representative in detail about their services. You should look to save money, but not at the cost of quality.

Wrapping up

The process of receiving quotations from packers and movers companies and picking one among many is a critical step. Most people do not even have an idea about the types of moving quotations that exist or that they may receive. However, this blog explains the types of moving quotes and shares some insightful advice that can help them save money on the relocation. Moreover, some of the tips shared in this blog can help make the whole process of relocation a smooth affair.

One of the best tips shared is to use the 6 Packers and Movers platform, which is excellent for people looking to relocate since it provides quotations from credible Packers And Movers companies in Delhi. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to use this platform irrespective of your needs, such as moving within the city or India.

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Frequently Asked Question

How Do Relocation Costs In India Get Calculated By Moving Services?

Most moving companies in India use the following formula to determine costs: total moving cost = packing + handling + transportation + unpacking + additional fees. Packing costs include materials and labor; handling costs include loading and unloading. The cost of unpacking/unloading varies according to the distance, nature of the goods, and mode of transportation chosen. If you talk about the additional charges, they may include tolls, taxes, storage fees, insurance, and other expenses.

Why Is It Necessary To Get In-Person Evaluations Before Receiving The Approximate Moving Quotations?

It is one tip you should never miss when moving! In-person evaluations of your goods and belongings are crucial, as they ensure accurate assessments of the volume and nature of the goods. Simply receiving a moving quotation and hiring a relocation service just after the phone call may lead to misunderstandings, causing a discrepancy between the quoted and actual costs. An in-person review, on the other hand, helps to avoid surprises and ensures a smoother moving process.

What Are Non-Binding Moving Estimates, And How Do They Operate?

Non-binding quotes are based on an in-person inspection of your possessions and the services you expect to receive. Such moving quotes, however, are not fixed; if the volume of goods or services increases, the moving company can adjust the cost by its policies.

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