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What is the Pre-Move Survey And Why You Need it?

When moving to a new location, one thing that comes to mind straightaway is the cost aspect of moving, apart from the hassle of moving. One way to bring the price down is to make good preparations and plan for your move. And good planning with the help of a pre-move survey helps get the appropriate pricing quotes. But what exactly is the pre-move survey, which is one of the significant steps in the process of moving goods from your place to your destination?

In this post, we will discuss all aspects of this survey, help you understand it better, and provide information on how you can take maximum advantage of it

Let’s begin this with an understanding of what a pre-move survey is in a relocation process.

Understanding the pre-move survey

Before we move any further, let us clarify the pre-move survey, why you need it, and how it is conducted. We will learn about it by talking about an example. Just picture yourself: you have decided to move to a new location and want your selected moving company to provide you with the exact quotation to move your goods. Apart from just communicating with you over the phone, your picked Packers and Movers company will want to complete a survey of your place to help you with an accurate quotation for the move and understand the expectations from your side.

In such a scenario, the moving and packing company will survey by sending their representative to understand the exact requirements and nature of your move.

Through such a survey, your packer and mover company representatives visit your location on a pre-scheduled date and time, understand your requirements, and present you with a quotation.

Why do you need a pre-move survey?

This type of survey might seem like a simple step in the process of moving goods, but it is not. During the process of such a survey, the representative of your selected moving and packing company tries to grasp the complexity of your relocation request and note down every important detail about your destination. This exercise in the data collection process is significant for the company that performs the relocation and for you so you can know how much money you will need to spend to complete your relocation. This particular step is so crucial for your process that it’s like laying the foundation for the whole process. More on it in the further part of this blog, where you will understand its importance.

The process of pre-survey

Now, let’s move on to discuss the step-by-step process of how such surveys related to the movers and packers industry take place. Here is the information:

1. Scheduling of your survey

Once you have selected a moving company, you can coordinate with them to set a convenient time for a meeting at which the surveyor can visit. This particular time can take a lot of time, so it is always better to keep yourself free from other obligations.

2. The visit of the company representative

On the scheduled day, the surveyor will arrive at your place. This is an important event, as you can ask questions and clear your doubts. Simultaneously, you can discuss the special requirements from your side regarding the moving of your goods

3. Assessment of the goods

The most important step is to assess your goods, which need to be moved safely. You will find the surveyor taking a close look at every item at your place to understand how much manpower the company will have to infuse, the kind of packing suitable for them, the tools needed to move them, and other aspects related to the whole process. Another aspect he will have an interest in is understanding the nature of your goods, especially the expensive and fragile ones, as they may have to be extra careful with those.

4. Documentation and estimation

Once the surveyor completes his task of taking stock of your goods, he will prepare the inventory. This particular inventory will help him create a final quote for the estimated cost of your move. This quotation is handed over to the customer, meaning you provide the costing part of your relocation process.

The importance of the pre-move survey

Now that you know how the pre-move survey is conducted, you would like to know why it is so important. Let’s learn!

1. Ensuring an accurate quotation

The first advantage is that you get to know the exact quote for your move. It is important because you will be better prepared when you move since you will be aware of all the costs and be protected from any hidden charges that may surprise you on the day of moving.

2. Personalization of your move

It is one thing to speak to someone over the phone to discuss the requirements of any relocation. However, it is a different ball game altogether when a representative is at your place and you have the opportunity to speak to the person face-to-face. During the pre-move survey, you get the chance to customize every step of the relocation according to your specific needs. For example, you may have a piece of furniture that is very dear to you, and you may want the moving company to take extra care of that. So it’s an opportunity to customize the whole moving process as per your taste.

3. Minimize risk and damage

The survey helps identify fragile and valuable items, allowing the relocation team to take necessary steps to provide them with extra cushion. This will reduce the risk of damage during the relocation process. And this is what you want because, at the end of the day, saving the good is the paramount objective of any move.

4. Optimization of your move

The pre-move survey is not only important for you but also for the moving company. It helps the moving company plan the logistical manpower and all other resources related to the location process for a quicker and smoother move.

5. The chance to reduce the budget of your relocation

At the time of the survey, you have the opportunity to speak to the surveyor directly. It also allows you to speak about the goods they cannot carry or identify the goods you can get rid of before moving. For example, you may have an old piece of furniture that is very heavy and large. Your surveyor may tell you that by getting rid of it, the cost of your renovation may decrease considerably. This particular piece of nature may also be so old that it doesn’t hold any practical value. In this case, you can sell the item to raise cash and lower your moving expenses.

The types of pre-move survey

Now, let’s talk about the type of pre-move survey your selected moving company may conduct. In India, you’ll find that most companies participate in the survey by sending a representative. However, in some scenarios, your selected relocation company may survey with the help of a video call over the Internet. This process varies very much from company to company, and it is better to have a person-to-person pre-survey than a virtual one. However, in most situations, either of them will serve you well.

The role of the customer in the survey 

It is not like you have no role in the pre-move survey. You, as the customer, play a vital role in the pre-move survey. You must be prepared to answer questions about your belongings, moving schedule, and budget. Moreover, you should also be available to meet with the moving company to discuss your needs.

The customer’s input is crucial to ensuring that the move goes smoothly and that the customer’s belongings are safely packed and transported.

Customers can use the following advice to get ready for the pre-move survey:

  • List every item you own after gathering them all together.
  • Choose what you want to relocate and what you want to discard.
  • Decide on a time when the moving company can visit your house to conduct a pre-move survey.
  • Be available to talk about your possessions, moving schedule, and spending plan.
  • Give the moving company relevant details, such as your new home’s location and access information.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your pre-move survey goes smoothly and that your move is a success.

Wrapping up

In this blog, the main highlight is the pre-move survey a chosen moving company conducts before providing the final quotation for any move. It is useful not only for the customer but also for the company. It allows them to have a close look at all the belongings and provide the person’s Services to the customer. Simultaneously, it allows customers to have a word with the representative of the company to clear all doubts and, at the same time, discuss their specific needs according to their requirements. Moreover, the blog sheds light on how it is done and how the consumer can get the most out of it.

Frequently asked questions

What Exactly Is A Pre-Move Survey, And Why Is It Important When Moving?

A pre-move survey is an assessment of your belongings performed by the moving company to provide an accurate relocation cost estimate. It is important for the moving company and customers for various reasons, which have been discussed in this blog.

What Are The Advantages Of A Pre-Move Survey?

Pre-move surveys ensure accurate cost estimates, allow personalization of your move, reduce the risk of damage, optimize the moving process, and offer a chance to reduce relocation expenses.

What Role Does The Customer Play In A Pre-Move Survey?

To ensure a smooth and successful move, customers must provide details about their possessions, moving schedule, and spending plan.

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