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What Item Pack First When You Are Moving?

In the process of relocation, packing is a major part of your whole plan. If you pack in the wrong order or in an unplanned way, the whole moving process can quickly become difficult. Just picture this scenario: you are almost halfway into packing and realize that you packed certain items in the wrong order, and the whole packing process has gone for a toss.

You realize you could have planned the whole process of packing more efficiently by packing certain items before others to save time. Moreover, such planned planning could have made the whole process smoother.

Moreover, you don’t want to do all the packing in one go, and you should plan out the moving in different phases.

6 Packers and Movers is a leading provider and platform for searching for and hiring credible packers and movers companies in India, and we know that customers tend to come across such issues regularly. This blog will provide information about what items to pack first when moving to a new place. Let’s begin by understanding how soon the ideal packing should start.

How soon should one start packing?

One should start the packing process at least 4 to 5 weeks before. This gives you a lot of time to go about packing in a planned manner, and you are never in a hurry. Furthermore, the whole packing process becomes a step-by-step activity. The earlier you start with your packing step in moving your goods, the better it is for you. You should never leave it too late; otherwise, you will kick yourself and make fundamental mistakes that lead to delays, unnecessary hodgepodges, and even damage to goods.

The ideal hierarchy of moving items

1. Off-Season Items:

You can begin packing (about 4 to 5 weeks) by packing off-season items you don’t need immediately after moving. What would you do with the winter clothes if you were moving in July? Most likely, all the garments related to winter will remain in your almirah or the storage of your beds for at least a few weeks, even when you complete your move. Your home can have several items, like holiday decoration items, sports equipment, and many other things, that become usable for you when their season occurs.

2. Infrequently used items:

Next, tackle items that you use infrequently (about 3 to 4 weeks before the day of moving). This might include kitchen appliances that aren’t part of your daily routine, old electronics, or anything that is part of your belongings that you do not use frequently. Packing these items early on will help you declutter your living space and make the final stages of packing more manageable.

3. Linens and extra bedding items:

Just like you do not require off-season clothes, similarly, you will not require off-season bedding, for example, quilts and blankets, in the summer. So, it is better to pack them as early as possible(about 2 to 3 weeks before) to organize and plan the relocation process efficiently.

4. Garage and Storage Spaces:

Next in line are the garage and related items, which you can pack about 2 weeks before the day of relocation. The items in this category can often contain a mix of many that can be packed without disrupting your daily routine.

5. Artwork and Decor:

You can pack your treasured artwork and home decor in advance. Such household items are often delicate and require special care. Packing them early (about 2 weeks before the day of moving) ensures they are properly wrapped and protected. Remember to label these boxes as fragile, as it will help make them recognizable, and the chances of damaging them will go down.

6. Non-Essential Furniture:

You should plan to disassemble and pack non-essential furniture about a week ago. This might include bookshelves, side tables, or any furniture in your guest room that is not currently occupied. You may also include the furniture from your home you believe you can do without until you relocate.

7. Books and stationery:

Books and stationery items should be next on your list for packing, as you will not be using them immediately when you relocate to a new place. Putting them in boxes in an organized way can give us the right kind of head start when packing everything for your relocation.

8. Next on the list are shoes and jewelry:

In the hierarchy of packing goods for the move, as stated in the blog, you should now move to packing shoes and pairs of wearables (about 1 to 2 weeks before the day of moving). Once you are done with the wearables, you can switch your focus to jewelry, keep them separate from other items, and pack them in separate boxes. If you have multiple pairs of shoes or jewelry, you will not use each one daily. Here, you can create separate packing boxes for the jewelry and wearables that you do not wear regularly.

9. Important documents:

Next in line are documents like your certificate, important office documents, and financial documents you will not need at your new home immediately. Generally, people have many important documents in their homes, such as their education certificates, bank passbooks, passports, papers of property, share market papers, house leases, and many other documents. You can pack them in different boxes and label them about 3 to 4 days before the day of relocation.

10. Electronics, Electrical, and Kitchen Stuff:

Since most homes have computers, laptops, and other electronic and electrical items that remain in continuous use, it is better to pack them around 2 days before the relocation. The same holds for kitchen items as well. If you have unused or electrical electronics that you do not use frequently, you may pack them around 10 days before the day you leave for your destination.

11. Essential box days:

The last box in your packing should be essential. This box you can pack about 1 to 2 days before the day of relocating may have toiletries, a change of clothes, medications,  your mobile charger, important documents like your driver’s license and Aadhar Card, and anything else you feel you will need right away once you put your foot in your new home after relocating your goods.

12. Miscellaneous items

Even after planning for everything, there can be some items that you may miss out on, so you can collect them up to about 1 to 2 days before the day of moving.

Wrapping up

In the relocation process, packing the goods in a nonhierarchical manner according to a timeline can be a big problem, especially if you plan the packing of goods over 2 to 5 weeks. This blog sheds light on different aspects related to what goods can be packed first and gives information about a general timeline related to the different items one can pack for one’s move. By following the tips in this blog, you will be well on your way to a smooth start when you relocate your goods to a new destination. Do not forget to use the services of the 6 Packers and Movers platform, your true friend, when finding the finest Packers and Movers companies in Hyderabad.

Frequently Asked Question

What Should Be The Ideal Order To Pack Clothes?

When packing your clothes, you should keep the season in mind. The off-season clothes should be packed first, followed by the in-season clothes. About 2 to 3 weeks before the day of moving is the ideal time to pack your off-season clothes, and about 1 week before the day of relocation is the perfect time to pack the in-season clothes.

What Should I Pack In My Essential Box?

Your essentials should have all the items you will need while moving and once you reach the destination spot. Ideally, it should have a change of clothes, a first aid box, the necessary documents, and toiletries that you are likely to use immediately at your new home.

What Can I Pack In Advance When Moving?

Off-season items and stuff that you do not use frequently are ideal to pack in advance when you are moving. It can be anything in your home, like an electrical item you use once a year, furniture lying in an empty guest room, or even a pair of glasses you rarely wear.

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