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These Perfect Packing Tips When Moving Will Make Life Easy for You

Just picture this: your household moving date is nearing, but you are still confused about where to start. You feel overwhelmed even by the thought of getting started, and the whole moving process, especially packing, seems like a mountain. But you know you will have to start somewhere, and here you want to have professional knowledge and tips that can make your relocation easier and more enjoyable.

And we are not talking about some random tips, but some authentic, practical, and unique tips for packing. Wondering where to get them from? No worries, as this post will help you with everything you need to know about the same. Let’s start!

Amazing tips for moving like a pro :

1. Use color-coding for different categories of items:

One of the first challenges that you come across is keeping the entire packing process organized and not letting the items mix. Take an example: you end up mixing kitchen items with stationery and wardrobe items. At the time of unloading, you are confused about finding the right boxes, which results in extra stress. You can deal with it by assigning a unique color label to each category of items, such as kitchen items, clothes, books, and so on. You can also use different colored stickers or tape to label packing boxes and bins according to the predetermined category.

2. Declutter as much as you can:

Relocation is an opportunity for you to analyze your items and get rid of anything you no longer need. It can be an old piece of electronics, unused furniture, old clothes, or anything that occupies space but is not in use. You can sell, donate, or just give them away to someone who needs them better than you.

3. Begin your packing and the whole relocation process with a checklist:

One big mistake you can make with your move is that you start it without planning. You can start your relocation process by creating a moving checklist for packing. In your moving checklist, you can list the categories under which you will pack your household stuff, like “kitchen goods,” ‘bedroom goods,’ “children’s goods, etc. Moreover, you can also write down at what time you will be executing the particular step.

4. Get the estimate off boxes:

Estimation of the boxes is another factor you must consider for an efficient packing step. If you want to know the number of boxes you will need for moving, you need to factor in the size of your home and the amount of stuff you have. Here is a general guideline based on the average Indian household that will give you an overview of the expected requirements:

Type of RoomEstimated Number of Boxes
Living RoomAbout 8 to 10 boxes
Bedrooms12–15 per bedroom
KitchenAbout 10 to 12
Bathroom5 to 8 moving boxes
Other4 to 8

Do remember that these are just estimates for the required packing boxes. People may need more or less number boxes depending on their circumstances. Therefore, it is always better to keep some extra boxes so that your packing strategy doesn’t fall apart.

6. Plan the loading order:

For the success of your relocation process packing step, you need a complete checklist that tells you what boxes and furniture will be packed and in which order. Ideally, you should start with heavy items and larger furniture pieces. From there on, you can move towards lighter and smaller items.

7. Don’t forget to use protective padding:

One of the reasons why the goods, especially the delicate ones, suffer from damage is that they suffer from jerking deaths from vehicle movement during their transportation. To overcome this prominent issue, you should always use protective padding, such as moving pads or blankets. You can use these between furniture pieces and against the walls of the moving truck to prevent scratches and damage.

8. Secure loose items:

Apart from using padding, another aspect of the packing is to secure loose items, such as drawer handles or cabinet doors, using tape or bubble wrap. They prevent them from rattling or falling during transportation.

9. Pack an essential bag Separately:

During packing, never make the mistake of not packing your essential bag. This important bag or box should include items that you’ll need on the day of your move, such as toiletries, a change of clothes, first aid, medicine, a mobile charger, and snacks.

10. Start early with planning:

Unless you are moving for an unexpected reason, always look to start early with the planning and execution of your moving process. Ideally, start at least 4 to 5 weeks before the move. You can also create a timeline to execute every step of your relocation process.

Tips for Hiring Packers and Movers:

Some of you may want to do loading, packing, and unloading on your own. However, many of you will want to hire a packing and moving company. When selecting a movers and packers company, you want to ensure that you are selecting an efficient company, and the following tips can help you do so:

1. Don’t decide in haste:

When you are planning to hire a moving and packing company for any kind of relocation, never be in a hurry. Take your time to pick a company after considering your requirements. In the process of relocation, you will want to hire a packer and remove quotes and pricing from different moving companies.

2. Request written estimates:

Ideally, you need to speak to as many companies as possible and request a written quotation from at least three moving companies, as it will help ensure you are getting a fair price.

3. Always conduct a personal interview with the representative:

Never give consent over the phone to the relocation company and ask them to send their representative personally to you. This way, you get the right ideas about the company, and its processes, and a chance to clear your doubts.

4. Don’t forget about insurance:

Mishaps are not limited to national calamities and misfortunes but also to moving tasks. If you do incur physical damage to your goods due to many reasons, such as hired company carelessness, unprofessionalism, accidents, etc. Purchasing Moving insurance gives you the mental comfort that even if you do come across a difficult situation, you will receive compensation.

5. Check the reviews of the prospective company online:

You may get an idea of the quality of professional packers and movers companies by going through their online reviews. Check the reviews on different review sites and even on social media to get an understanding of the quality of the company.

6. Use the platform of the 6 Packers and Movers:

You may want to have access to a platform that can make the work easy for you regarding your search for a reliable packers and movers company in Kolkata. Here, the platform of 6 Packers and Movers is a game changer. You just need to leave the request for your requirement, and once the company receives it, you get multiple quotes from different packing and moving companies that offer the best rates from your nearby locations. And the good thing is that all of them will be credible companies.

Wrapping Up

When you plan to relocate, there can be multiple questions arising in your mind, especially regarding the packing. And you want to experience the least amount of issues and complete the process of moving smoothly. In this blog, several practical tips have been shared that will help you perform the task of relocation more easily. It also focuses on tips regarding picking the best moving company.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Purpose Of Colour-Coding Labels When Packing?

Color-coding labeling is a good step to adopt when packing. It helps organize items by assigning a unique color to each category, such as bedroom items, kitchen items, clothes, or books. It simplifies the packing and unpacking process, reducing confusion.

Why Is It Necessary For Me To Declutter Before Moving?

Decluttering before moving allows you to assess and get rid of items you no longer need, making the packing process more efficient and lighter.

Why Is A Checklist Important For Packing And Moving?

A well-planned and organized relocation requires a complete checklist. It facilitates the process of creating lists of categories, setting up planning, and making sure nothing is forgotten when going about packing and executing the other steps of moving. 

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