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How Much To Tip Packers And Movers Labour: A Complete Guide

Imagine you have to move from your place to another one to relocate your household or commercial goods safely and on time. You are worried about your good’s safety and the whole process of moving. However, the moving company that you hire sends its personnel to your place and performs exceptionally well. All the worries and complications of the move are taken care of beautifully, and you are relieved.

At this moment, you want to tip the company, but you are not sure how much is appropriate for their exceptional work. It seems like a simple small issue or a query occurring in your mind, but it may turn out to be an important question that you would answer.

Generally, tipping is a personal decision. And different people give out different tips, and some may not even tip at all. However, if you want to tip your hired mover, this particular blog is for you. It may not give you the exact amount you should ideally tip, but it will let you know about the different factors you should consider and the lump amount you can think of tipping to your hired relocation company. So let’s begin by understanding the role of movers and why they deserve to be tipped.

Understanding the role of the movers

Moving is an uneasy job that involves lots of laborious work. Moving companies have the responsibility to move all types of goods, from fragile to heavy ones, while keeping them safe. Packing the stuff appropriately, keeping everything organized, moving the goods from multiple levels of buildings through flights of stairs, handling the handling requirements of small to big houses, and taking care of loading and unloading—they take care of everything.

Most importantly, they help their customers stay worry-free when they relocate without much obstruction. So, indeed, they deserve to receive the tip, unless you come across an incompetent packers and movers company that messes up the whole process. Additionally, recognizing the efforts made by the relocation company can go a long way towards making them feel valued and respected, but should you tip a relocation company? If yes, what amount is good, and what factors should you consider when tipping a particular person or group of people? Let’s discuss it!

Factors related to tipping by moving companies

1. Complexity of the move

The more difficult the move, the more trips you should provide. When trying to figure out if the relocation was a complex one, you can look into factors such as the distance of the move, the kind of goods you have, and the kind of service the company has provided. Naturally, you will look into all factors like you are good when they are unloaded, so please be safe or not. How much labor and hard work went into completing the move, and If the loading and unloading of the goods were hard or easy at your pickup and destination? For example, you can analyze if a movable company climbed up the stairs or brought the goods from a higher-story building to the bottom without using any elevators or moving equipment. You can analyze all the factors and decide about the tipping.

2. Quality of the service

The second factor that can help you decide about the movers company tipping amount is to analyze the quality of the service provided by the mover, packer, and company. It is not hard to analyze this factor, as you just have to take into consideration a few things, such as whether the staff was punctual, respectful towards you, and to the point when explaining everything to you about the relocation process. Obviously, you will look at the moved goods to see if they are undamaged. It is all about perception and experience. If you are satisfied with the quality of the service, you can certainly think about giving a tip to the moving company.

3. Size of the moving crew

The third important factor that can help you decide on the tipping amount is the size of the moving crew. If the people who came to a place were in large numbers, you will naturally feel like giving out a higher tip, and vice versa. It is also due to the fact that a higher level of coordination is needed to complete the move. You can consider this factor while deciding on a particular amount as a tip.

4. Time taken by the moving crew

Another important factor is the punctuality and overall professionalism of the moving crew. If you are able to reach your new destination without any delay, then it is alright to give a resume amount of money to the movie crew. By giving them the tip, you are motivating them to complete their future tasks on time so that they can stay motivated and continue to provide delightful service in their future lives.

5. Your budget consideration

It is all well to have the feeling to tip the hired relocation packer and mover company. However, you must look at your own budget and limitations before deciding on a particular amount. So only tip the particular amount that you can afford, and don’t be emotional about the decision. At the end of the day, you are only giving extra bucks from your own pocket, and you are not breaking any rule, social custom, or law by giving a low tip. So be rational with your decision.

The custom of tipping in India

It is true that the custom of tipping a hired packing and moving company is not as prevalent in the West, especially in the USA. In the USA in particular, where it is the social norm to give tips to most services, like food delivery, restaurants, or other forms of service businesses, However, the trend is catching up in India. So even if you do not tip a moving company, you will not be looked upon as someone who is being rude. However, it is advisable that, if your pocket allows,  for effort and professionalism, you give something to the personnel who come to your place and sweat it out for you. As far as the standard tipping amount is concerned, you can give anything between Rs. 150 and Rs. 300 as you see fit after analyzing how satisfied you are with the service.


In this blog, information about the tipping amount for hired relocation companies and factors related to it have been discussed. The information in this blog has explained factors and how much of a tipping amount is appropriate. Moreover, it talks about tipping if it is obligatory in India like it is in the USA and many Western countries.

In the end,  you will feel like tipping the crew of any packer and mover company only if you are satisfied with their services, and for that, you will want to find a reliable and efficient company. For this purpose, the platform of 6 Packers and Movers is just perfect.


When Is The Best Time To Tip, And To Whom?

The best time to hand over the tip is at the end of the move. It is also important that you hand over the tip to the individual person themselves, not to any supervisor or manager; otherwise, the tip may not reach the right person

Are There Alternative Ways To Tip A Moving Company Aside From Giving Them Money?

In case you are wary of giving monetary tips and want to tip in an alternate way, you can look to provide them with refreshments or give them any suitable gift instead.

Are There Situations Where You Feel Tipping Is Not Appropriate?

Yes, there can be a situation where you feel that tipping is not appropriate. For example, if you receive below-average or absolutely trash service and feel that the professionals who came to your place were not honest about their work and did not take care of your belongings, you may suffer damage. In such cases, it is imperative that you do not tip at all.

By Neeraj Gupta

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