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How To Handle Movers Who Don’t Pack Your Belongings Properly

If you are moving your belongings to a new place for relocation, you would want to be positive about it. However, picture yourself in a scenario where the crew of a professional moving company comes to your place and you see them being careless with the packing process, where they put the stuff into the cardboard boxes carelessly and even damage some of your belongings. This situation is nothing but a nightmare that you had not anticipated, and you do not know what to do.

You find yourself in a situation where you do not know whether to be angry with them, handle the situation calmly, or take particular steps to ensure that the moving company comes back into professional mode and does not damage your goods anymore.

To help people who find themselves in such situations, this blog has been written, and it will help you navigate such peculiar situations and handle movers who do not pack your belongings properly. Before we move into the information on how to handle searching for movers and situations, let’s get started with getting information about common packing issues consumers face when they hire movers.

Common packing issues faced by hired movers

There can be several types of issues that occur when your contracted moving company is not doing their work professionally. You will find that the crew at your place lacks the knowledge of how to pack particular goods; they may have substandard packing supplies with them, or they may not even have the packing supplies needed for the particular goods. For example, you may need cardboard boxes with extra cushions at the bottom and sides for your glass items, or you may need some packing blankets for your expensive furniture wrapping but the company comes unprepared without these. Moreover, you may see them being too careless with loading and unloading, which results in damage to your goods.

Now let’s move on to the second point, which is the impact poor packing can cause.

The impact of poor packing on belongings

In one line, one would say that poor packing practices by the hired relocation company will result in damage to your goods. However, it is a very conservative way of describing the outcome of poor packing. When we talk about goods, they are not just materialistic things. Just imagine that you have a photograph frame in the glass showing you sitting in your grandfather’s lap, and this old photograph is the only memory you have of him. And just because the crew at your place was careless. It came into contact with some liquid during the loading and unloading, which resulted in damaging the photo frame.

No money can replace such memories. Moreover, even if you talk about the general damage, you will find yourself in a situation where you have to spend more for the repair or replacement of your damaged goods. Moreover,  the stress you will go through cannot be measured in terms of money.

The first step that you can take to confront such an uneasy situation happens even before the situation even occurs in reality. This is the time when you start searching for a relocation company.

Steps to avoid or confront a situation where your mover is unprofessional with the packing

1. Thoroughly research and pick a good moving company.

It is always good to be extra careful when you search for and pick a reliable moving company. There are some steps, like using a reliable portal to search the pattern of the company. Our portal, 6 Packers and Movers, is great for this. You can also go through reviews for references and interview with the prospective company before picking a particular one.

2. Request on-site inspections and transparent quotations

One of the most effective strategies to prevent the woes of poor packing practices is to request an onsite inspection by the moving company before the real relocation takes place. When the onsite infection takes place, you can ask them various questions, such as the type of packing supplies they are going to use, the number of people they are going to send, and the exact quotation from their side. You can also talk to them to set the expectation level right from the beginning so that the hired company understands that they are expected to provide you with a top-level, professional, and organized relocation service.

3. Clear communication and written agreement

Clear communication right from the beginning is the foundation of your relocation process’s success. You can get into conversation with the representative about the whole process and ask them all possible questions related to packing and other steps of your move. You can give them particular instructions related to moving particular items to your place. Another good step is to have a detailed contract that sets the expectation level high and has all the information about the kind of packing supplies that will be used and other related terms and conditions.

What to do when you notice that your goods are being packed in substandard conditions

You can take the following steps as soon as you notice that your goods are being packed inappropriately or unprofessionally:

1. Speak to the leader of the crew

The first step you can take is to speak to the leader of the crew to bring your displeasure to his attention. If the matter is a very small one, like they are tossing the goods professionally, it can be taken care of easily. However, if they have not brought the right kind of packing supplies, you may need to speak to the crew leader thoroughly to convince him to make modifications to the packing supplies they are using. The main thing here is that you should speak directly about the issue you are having with the process.

2. Filing a complaint and seeking a solution

In case, even after you display your displeasure, no action is taken by the crew regarding the packing issues. It is time for you to speak to the company directly by using proper communication channels to escalate the matter. Most local companies working in relocation provide a contact number so you can communicate with them. Do tell the crew members present at your place that you are going to file a complaint against them. Taking photos during packing is one activity that you must do and send them to the complaint desk of the hired movers and packers company.

3. Using the insurance coverage

If you have insurance coverage and you find out that some of your goods have experienced damage, it is time for you to use your coverage. The coverage cannot bring the goods back into prime condition, but it can help you recover the financial loss. Make sure you purchase a comprehensive insurance policy for your relocation process that covers everything from damage to loss of goods to theft.

4. Look for legal options

If you have suffered damage to your goods which is unacceptable and you do not receive any kind of cooperation from the hired company, you can follow the legal route to get monetary or other types of compensation. But always remember that it should be your last resort, and finding solutions through dialogue should be your priority.

5. Termination of the task

This is another extreme step that you should only take if you are convinced that your relocation company is a big letdown and has been unprofessional even after complaints and dialogue. You can terminate the contract and stop the moving process. But again, it should be sought only if the situation calls for it.

The relocation itself is supposed to be a professional act where you want to experience the hassle-free location of your goods. But we know that it is not always the case, and there can be some situations that call for particular actions, especially if the hired company is being complacent and making compromises with the packing aspect. Here, you have every right to exercise your options. For example, you can let the packing professionals know that you are not happy with the packing, make an official complaint with the representative of the company, and even terminate the task itself.

This article also talks about various situations in which you can find yourself and the kind of damage that can occur to your goods. They talk about the type of action you should be taking before choosing to move to a company and the ways available to you to recover the compensation. Go through this information, analyze the situation, and use it at your discretion and under your circumstances.

frequently asked questions

What Should I Do If I Discover Damaged Belongings After The Movers Have Left?

In this kind of undesirable situation, it is advisable that you file a complaint with the moving company and send them photographs of the damage to seek compensation. Getting into contact with the insurance company is the second step you should be seeking.

How Can You Ensure Professionalism In Your Packing Process?

For this, clear communication is needed not only on the day when packing happens but even before that. Make sure to include all the important terms and conditions in the contract, and be extra vigilant when the move takes place for real.

Is It Worth Hiring A Professional Moving And Packing Company For Relocation, Or Is Going With The DIY Method Better?

There is no clear answer to this question, as both methods come with their pros and cons. By hiring a professional moving company, you get the services of an expert who has the ability to carry out any type of move without obstruction, which will save you time and money. In most cases, the DIY method can prove to be less costly, but it may take you more time to pack your goods, and you may even compromise on packing supplies since you are not knowledgeable about packing fragile and expensive goods appropriately.

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