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Avoid These 15 Most Common Moving Mistakes People Make

There is no doubt that most of the time, relocation itself is a challenging experience. Ask anyone who has gone through any kind of relocation, and they will tell you that even after meticulous planning, their whole experience was not as smooth and flawless as they wanted it to be. If you ask specifically, they will also tell you that they made certain mistakes that could have been avoided easily. If you are planning to move shortly, you must be curious about those common mistakes that you can avoid when relocating.

If you are not aware of these, don’t worry, as this particular blog has been written about the 15 common mistakes that people make while moving and how the information shared in it will benefit your whole process of moving the goods from one location to another. Some of these tips will also help you save money and time the ad will help in many other ways. So, let’s begin!

15 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

1. Starting the planning too late or no planning at all

The very basic thing for any successful move is to have good planning for all the steps. However, some people make the mistake of not planning at all. Moreover, some people start planning very late. In both situations, there will be some issues that are going to impact the move. For example, if you do not plan to buy any insurance for your move and you happen to meet an unfortunate incident where your goods get broken, you will regret not planning adequately for your move.

2. Packing mistake

There are a couple of mistakes that people generally commit when moving. The first mistake is that they end up packing everything. It means that some of the stuff that is not required at the new place is moved to the new destination. Another mistake people commit is that they take up the task of packing casually, which results in damage to the goods. So you should refrain from committing such mistakes when moving.

3. Mistakes related to the packing material and supplies

As stated already, being casual with the packing can result in damage to the goods; therefore, one should give special attention to the packing supplies’ quality. For example, even when you are packing the stuff yourself, do not compromise on the quality of the packing supplies. For example, if you are going to move your electronic items, make sure that you are using good-quality packing paper, cardboard boxes, and bubble wrap to pack them.

4. Started packing earlier than needed

The one mistake is that you do not start your packing on time; however, there can be a scenario where you start packing your stuff too early. It seems like a good idea that you are done with your packing as early as possible; however, you may end up packing the essential goods that you may require in your daily life. Moreover, the packed stuff creates a hassle in your day-to-day life. So you should pack only non-essential items if you want to start packing as early as possible.

5. No budgeting at all

People, when they move from one place to another, they end up calculating the estimated cost at their fingertips. However, it is not the right approach, as you need to calculate even the smallest expense you may have to endure. Therefore, there is no harm in creating a small Excel spreadsheet mentioning all the expenses. It will help you stay on track in terms of financing the moving costs.

6. You do not keep any money for miscellaneous expenses

When you create the budget for relocation, it is suggested that you take some money from miscellaneous expenses. For example, you are moving your stuff and you realize that you need to hire an extra when you relocate your plants, which you had not considered earlier. Incestinaries, having the extra money is always helpful.

7. You do not buy the insurance

This is another mistake that is committed by many people. The last thing one wants is to be in a situation where their goods are broken or their vehicle is damaged by an unfortunate accident. Such events are rare but they do take place in real life; therefore,  always buy insurance when moving goods.

8. You start moving without a checklist

Relocating is stressful, as we know; however, it is also a process with many steps. If you are not paying attention to each of these, you are committing a grave mistake. Moreover, you need to take care of the packing supplies’ qualities, precautions when using them, and their quality as well. One cannot also forget to mention the budgeting and insurance aspects of the move. Therefore, after analyzing all of these, it is not difficult to figure out how important it is that you start your process with a comprehensive checklist of each of these steps and other aspects related to them.

9. You did not check the background and quality of the moving company you hired

 Now let us talk about the transporter or companies you are likely to hire for your relocation purposes. If you do not pay attention to this step and go with any below-average company, you are likely to regret it later. Therefore, it is recommended that you go through the reviews, ask for references, and do a thorough interview with the representative of the prospective transporter or Packers And Movers Company.

10. You were in a hurry when hiring a transporter or mover company

 Unless you have to move on short notice, there is no need to hurry up with the process of picking the right movers or transport Company. It is because by giving ample time to pick the right company, you will not only save money but also make sure that there are fewer chances of unprofessionalism and stress when you move your stuff from one location to another by taking help from any of those.

11. Didn’t inspect the new location or gather enough information about the new place

When you move your stuff, loading and transporting goods in itself is not the complete process. You have to unload your stuff at a new place and unwrap it there quickly but in a systematic way. Therefore, if you can, visit the new location at least once before moving. If you are not able to inspect the new place physically, try to get as much information as possible via other means, such as video calls or speaking to people associated with the new location.

12. Neglecting Important Legal and Administrative Tasks

You may need permits to move your stuff to a new location. They can be needed for paying interstate or inter-city taxes as well. There can be some things in your home that may require you to get extra permission from the respective state or City Government. Do take care of this aspect of the relocation process and take the necessary steps to obtain the required permission.

13. Not paying the required attention to the loading of your goods

Loading is one of the most crucial steps when you move your stuff to a new place. One needs to be extra careful when placing the goods on the transport vehicle. Make sure that you are placing packed stuff in a planned manner and using ropes and other means to tie them up properly. Small things like placing the heavier goods at the bottom and other lighter goods above them can go a long way towards making sure that your goods do not suffer any damage when moving.

14. Not seeking help from your neighbors and friends

Many people don’t even realize how much help they can get from neighbors, friends, and relatives. People can get substitutes for professional packing supplies such as blankets, newspaper tapes, ropes, etc from them. Moreover, if you also ask for help with loading and packing, you may get an extra hand from them. So if you have a good relationship with your neighbors and friends, do not hesitate to ask for help from them.

15. Not Informing the important people and parties about your move and new address

Sometimes you can be so busy in your dream location that you forget to inform the important people in your life about this particular event. However, you must make certain people aware of your move so that they know about your new place and, in case they need to communicate with you about anything urgent, they can reach you without any issue. Another thing is that you must inform your banks, your company, and other important parties about your new location as well.

Moving need not be a stressful event, but there are certain aspects of moving that lead to mistakes. However, most of the mistakes can be avoided easily if you are aware of them. Keeping this in mind, this particular blog highlights 15 such mistakes one can avoid when moving to a new place. You should go through each one of these and make sure that you do not commit any mistakes mentioned in this blog. Mistakes discussed in this blog are not huge, and with a little intention, you can make sure that you stay away from making them.

Understand Most Common Moving Mistakes People Make Infographic

FAQs About Mistakes To Avoid When Moving

What Not To Take With You When Moving?

When moving, it is not advisable to take chemicals and hazardous products like petrol, paint, or pesticides. Even carrying a filled cylinder is a big no. Many movers will say no to the prospect of moving plants as well.

What Kind Of Mistakes Do People Commit When It Comes To Choosing Insurance?

The first mistake people make related to moving insurance is that they do not buy it at all. The second mistake they commit is that they do not buy the right kind of insurance. One should look at the stuff one possesses and buy insurance accordingly. It is also important that insurance be purchased from a reputable company for an amount that should cover the amount equal to the lump sum value of the goods in most adverse scenarios.

How Do You Know What To Keep When Moving?

When moving goods, ask yourself some questions like:

  • How many times do you use a particular good?
  • Does good have value in your daily life?
  • Would you be able to go about your daily life without having the particular product/ good with you at the new location?
  • Is removing the particular goods from your old list of items going to severely impact your relocation process?

By asking yourself such relevant questions, you can determine if you need to carry a particular item at the new location or if you wish you can get rid of it by donating or selling it.

By Neeraj Gupta

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