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How To Plan A Last-Minute Move In 15 Easy Steps

Human life is unpredictable. People come across situations where they need to perform or do something they have never thought about. The sudden need to relocate goods is one of those events. Whether the reason is related to a job, some personal circumstances, or emergencies, people want their move to be stress-free and smooth. But the relocation itself is a stressful process because one wants to move their stuff to a new place without damaging or losing anything, but with little time on hand, it can prove to be stressful. However, with proper planning and information, one can successfully make last-minute moves without stress.

In this blog, 15 easy steps will be explained that will help anyone plan a last-minute move effectively. So let’s begin.

Tips For Last-Minute Moving

1. Take stock of the situation

The first step when you plan a last-minute move is to take stock of the situation. Assess various factors like how much time you have, what kind of and how much stuff you have in your possession, how much money you have, and the distance of the new location from your place. This assessment will help you prioritize your task, create a realistic timeline, and give you more freedom in terms of flexibility. So take a deep breath, grab a piece of paper, and grab a pen to note down all the information just stated to create suspense about the whole situation.

2. Create a comprehensive checklist

Being organized is key to a successful last-minute move. For this task, create a comprehensive movie checklist. Prioritize those tasks that need more agency and note them down in hierarchical order. If you are wondering about the tasks, they can be packing, arranging for moving services, creating a budget for the move, notifying parties about your relocation move, etc.

3. Arrange the packing supplies for your move

The third step is to gather all the necessary packing supplies you will need for your move. Arrange for the packing supplies, such as bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, packing tape, markers, etc., according to the goods you possess. You can buy these packing supplies from online stores, or you can even visit the local market, where you should not face any problem finding all the packing supplies for your relocation. If you have friendly neighbors and, in your friend circle or relatives, you know some people who have relocated recently, you can also ask them if they have any kind of packing supplies with them. They may land on some of them that will help you reduce the overall budget.

4. Sort out your belongings and organize them

Moving your goods is also an opportunity for you to go through all the belongings you have and organize them. You can go through your belongings and find out which items you do not require anymore. Donate or sell them as per your preference. It will help you keep your process manageable, and at the same time, you will save time and money as well.

5. Start packing like a pro

The packing of the goods is one of the crucial steps in moving. When you are short on time, it’s always better to keep essential items separated. Create boxes according to your needs and mark them appropriately so that you can quickly unpack them at your destination. Be careful with fragile items and give them an extra level of protection to keep them safe.

6. Send the communication to the important parties

In the age of communication and the internet, it is always better to inform important parties, such as your bank, friends, and customers, about your new location. By following these steps, you will make sure that you face as little inconvenience as possible when you move to a new location.

7. Look for a professional moving service

Hiring an efficient moving service can help you carry out your relocation in a smooth manner. When you are short on time, go for the most reputable and trustworthy moving company that can provide service at short notice. Make sure you communicate as much information as possible, such as the type of goods you have, the location where the goods are to be taken, or if you have any special requests, mention them in advance so that there is no confusion when the moving takes place.

8. Ask around for full help

Some people look to save money on their relocation. One of the ways to achieve this aim is to carry out the packing, loading, and unloading on your own. For this purpose, you can ask around your friends, acquaintances, and relatives to help you out in any possible manner. For instance, they may help you with loading or unloading, packing supplies, etc. If it happens, you may not need to hire complete packers and movers; only transporters can do the task.

9. Create a budget for everything

Once you have an understanding of the transport, packing supplies, and manpower costs, you are in a good position to create a budget for your move. You can speak to different relocation movers to get quotes and go online to find good-quality, cheap packing supplies to keep your moving costs as low as possible.

10. Disassembling furniture and electronics

To make packing easy and organized, you can disassemble furniture and electronics. Keep the balls and nuts in a different box, create a checklist of the items, and make sure you label them. Help you reassemble all the stuff when you reach your destination more easily.

11. Keep your destination location clean and organized

Before you move to your new destination location, make an effort to keep it clean and organized. The bathroom floors and countertops need special attention. Check if the new residence or property needs a makeover or repair. Make a small checklist containing information about the rooms where you are going to place your stuff and match it with the goods that you have after unpacking.

12. Coordinate and communicate with your transport company or another company

As the day for the move approaches, you need to communicate with your hired company about various things, such as the timing of the move and any special instructions you may want to inform them of. Moreover, cross-check that they have the correct information with them, like your address, timing, and contact number.

13. Get your moving day kit ready

On the day of the move, you are likely to remain busy. Therefore, keep a kit with you that should have snacks, first aid medicine, water, and other essential things that you may consider handy. Keeping a utility knife and screwdriver is also a good option. Moreover, keep important documents such as your ID card, proof of insurance, and receipts of payments you have made to the moving company with you.

14. Be vigilant on the day of moving

It is easy to hand all your stuff to a moving company and trusts that they will go about the process professionally. However, you must be present on the spot and keep vigilance on the proceeding. It will help you locate unprofessionalism and even make mover company professionals more aware, so they are likely to carry out the move with even more dedication.

15. Unpacking and settling in

Once the stuff reaches your location, it is time for you to start packing and settling in. Start with the most essential belongings. Make sure you cross-check your checklist to ensure that you have not lost any of the items and take pictures of the items that you find damaged. It will help you if you want to lodge a complaint with the moving company or request insurance.

Wrapping up

Planning a last-minute move is a challenging task, but with the help of these 15 easy steps, you can make a move without any major issues. These steps cover everything, from the very first step of assessing the whole situation to packing, loading, and unpacking. Staying organized and composed is the key when you find yourself in a situation where you need to move on short notice. Moreover, don’t stress yourself out when you find yourself in such a situation. If possible, take it as an adventure activity, as it can be the beginning of a new chapter of your life where you settle in at a new location.

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FAQs on How To Plan A Last-Minute Move

How Can I Make My Moving Day Easier?

To make your moving day easier keep the checklist of your stuff with you and carry your essential kit and documents with you. Go through the packed stuff and double-check with your list, and at the time of unpacking, repeat the step.

How Do I Pack Faster?

If you are short on time, it is better to make the most of the resources you have. Look for stuff that can be used as a container, such as an old plastic container, or ask for help from relatives, friends, and neighbors. Use towels and blankets to wrap goods securely, and use newspaper and storage bags for packing. Instead of going online, visit the nearest market to buy packing supplies. Give away extra items to the needy or known. By following these steps, you can pack faster.

Is Hiring Packers And Movers A Good Move?

Hiring a packer and movers is a good move if you are looking to be stress-free. They not only help with transportation but also with the packing, loading, and unloading of goods. And the best part is that our site, 6 Packers and Movers, can help you find trustworthy movers and packers even on short notice.

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