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Why Does Your Presence Matter on Moving Day for Successful Relocation?

When you decide to relocate, it is always going to be a process where you can become stressed. Right from the day you decide to relocate and start your planning, you remain constantly worried about various steps such as packing, transportation, loading, and unloading of your goods. However, at the very last moment, you may have a situation where you need to decide whether you must be present on the day of relocation.

The short answer to this question is yes; ideally, you should be present on your move’s day. However, there are lots of other aspects to it. The answer to this question depends on various factors, including the size and complexity of your move, circumstances on the day of moving, the kind of budget you are spending on your move, and many other factors.

In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of being present and not present when the actual move takes place, along with key factors to help you make the best decision for your unique situation so that you can make the right choice. Let us begin this blog by analyzing the benefits of being present during the day of your movement.

Benefits of being present when your relocation happens

 There are many advantages to being present when you move.

1. You can ensure a smooth move

Your moving and packing company may have questions about your goods, their loading, the route they want to take, and many other questions regarding the whole moving process. When you are present right at the location, you are in a position to give answers that result in a smooth movement, and obstacles can be removed easily. Moreover, you can ensure that the move doesn’t fall short of quality standards as per your liking.

2. The safety of your belongings

The second aspect, which is critical to a smooth move, is the protection of your goods. When you are personally present, you can ensure that everything goes according to plan and that safety is not compromised at any moment. By being present when the relocation crew loads and unloads your goods into their vehicle, you can keep an eye on everything and look out for any unprofessionalism or anything that can lead to damage to your goods.

For example, if you have some fragile items, you want them handled with extra caution; this is where your presence makes a big difference.

3. The peace of mind

Whenever you execute any process, you want it to be perfect per the standard you want to maintain. The moving of goods is not an exception, and you want to have control by being present to know everything is going according to plan. You can communicate directly with the crew at your place. This way, anxiety about the location process goes away since everything will happen right before you.

The benefits of not being present on the day of your move

If you are going to be absent from the relocation site on the day of moving,

1. You worry less because of your non-involvement

It is good that you can remove your stress and anxiety by being present at the place of your move. But it is also true that some people have an emotional side to them, which can lead to mental strain related to packing, loading, and unloading your goods, and they prefer to be away from the whole hustle and bustle of their relocation process.

2. Increase efficiency

It is one thing to keep an eye on the whole proceeding, and it is another thing to ask too many questions and create an atmosphere where everything just becomes slower.  If you ask too many questions, you may be a hindrance. However, on the other hand, your absence can result in efficiency if you have hired a dependable moving company and there are not many interruptions in the proceedings.

3. You can devote time to something more important

If you have someone who can look after the whole proceedings of your relocation, i.e., a trustworthy friend, family member, or acquaintance, you can devote time to yourself. You may even indulge in some activity where you can have time for yourself or be at the destination and make yourself at home.

4. Freehand to the packers & movers

You let the packers and movers know that you are not there to always keep an eye on them. It could go either way. If you have hired a competent company, they may become faster and complete their task earlier than expected. However, knowing that no one is looking over them, they may work unprofessionally and waste time.

After knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of being present on the day of moving, you want to know about the alternatives available to you where you can have peace of mind by not being present while still having somebody present to watch over the whole proceedings.

Here, you have a lot of options for yourself.

Options if you are not there when the move is being made

1. Ask your acquaintances to take care of the move

The first option is natural. You can trust a family member, relative, friend, or acquaintance to be present for you. The plus point is that you do not need to pay for anything and still have peace of mind.

2. Hire a moving manager to look after

Hiring a professional to take care of your move is another option that you can look into. But it will burden your relocation process considerably. This option is mostly practiced in Western countries and the USA. You pay someone who covers your place on the day of moving. However, such a practice is still not widespread in India

If you have a high budget and it is not feasible for you to present at the site on the important day of relocation, you may opt for this option. You can tell your hired packers and moving company that a particular person will be present instead of you.


If you come across this question, “Do I need to be present when the goods are moved? Most of the time, an answer comes out as yes! However, the answer does not elaborate on why it said yes. This is where this blog intends to help you out. It offers you a perspective on the whole situation, where, as the head of your home and for packers and movers, you need to take a call on the situation to decide where you will be present at the site to look after the whole proceeding or not. The post also talks about the options available to you, how they can impact your budget and the advantages and disadvantages of being present or absent from the move.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is It Necessary To Be Present On The Day Of Relocation?

True!  When you are present on the day, it makes a huge difference. Your presence guarantees a seamless process, lets you answer any questions the moving company may have, and protects your possessions.

What Are The Advantages Of Being Present When Moving The House?

There are several benefits to being present on the day of relocation. These include real-time information that helps ensure a smooth move, protection for your belongings, and peace of mind as you supervise the process.

What Are My Options If I Cannot Be Present During The Move?

You have alternatives for such a situation on a moving day. You can first ask a trusted family member, friend, or moving manager to be present on your behalf. All mentioned options have pros and cons. You should balance them according to your budget and particular circumstances.

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