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How Do You Prevent Accidents And Injuries When Moving: A Complete Guide

During the relocation process, concern for the safety of your goods is always there, and it should never leave your mind. However, one more thing you should worry about is keeping your body safe by avoiding accidents and injuries that can occur at any time during the process of relocation.

There is no such thing as foolproofness in the world of moving. Accidents and injuries, from minor to major, can happen anytime. Most injuries and accidents occur while loading and unloading the goods into the transport vehicle. However, one needs to be alert all the time because any harmful event can happen at any time.

Most of such events happen when you go about moving your goods using the DIY method. However, certain tips can help you avoid injuries and accidents, and you should know about them. Read on to learn about such precautions and tips that will help you keep yourself safe from injuries and accidents during relocation, so let’s begin.

Planning Is The Foundation

Most accidents happen because the process of relocation is not organized and planned. When you do not have a clear plan for the various steps of moving the goods, you will stress out and make mistakes. Carrying out an unorganized and unplanned relocation, either by yourself or with the help of packers and movers, is likely to cause stress in the process of moving goods at some point, resulting in a mistake. Therefore, pick up a pen and copy, or a tablet or mobile, and make a list of various steps well before the moving day to decrease the stress.

Now let’s move on to discussing the two major steps where most injuries and accidents occur, which are packing and lifting the goods.

A). Tips  For Planning Packing Boxes

If packing your boxes and goods is not right, it will lead to overloading and inappropriate packing of goods, which may cause accidents. Packing goods is not about stuffing everything you want in the boxes. This is a step that requires lots of meticulous planning and begins with the analysis of your goods and the types of packing material you will need.

Begin by writing down information about your belongings and making a plan to get the types of boxes and other goods for packing according to your personalized needs, then pick the boxes. Even during packing, some steps or tips will help you out, for example.

  1. Weight Distribution: Make sure that you distribute the weights of your goods wisely, and don’t stuff everything to burden the boxes.
  2. Intelligent Packaging: Be smart city packers and mix the stuff so that the boxes can remain comfortable in terms of their weight-carrying capacity.
  3. Labeling and marking: Label the boxes from the outside so you can identify which ones contain what and which sides are up and down. It is something that will help you avoid accidents and injuries since you can identify boxes easily and make fewer mistakes. 

B). Lifting Tips To Avoid Accidents And Injuries During The Move

Extra caution is needed When lifting the product, and some general rules of thumb will help you out here.

1. Never Ever Go Outside Of Your Capability Zone

Picking up something you cannot lift is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Always analyze whether you can lift a particular belonging or packed item or if you need the help of other people. There is no shame in taking the help of family members, friends, or even a professional to do the lifting for you.

2. Use The Right Equipment

When caring for heavy furniture and my belongings, which are heavy, it is good to rent some equipment such as a dolly or furniture sliders that can help you move the stuff without getting hurt or meeting in an accident.  Always use good-quality tape rope and protective padding to keep the goods intact and safe so they do not jump and bump when moving them.

3. Strategy For The Stairs

Stairways can prove to be the most difficult part of moving goods, especially when it comes to loading and unloading. Again, the rules say that you should not carry anything on your own if your body is not meant to and take help from others when moving goods through the stairways. Another common mistake people make is not securing the furniture doors and being in a hurry. Be extra careful and take help to avoid injuries and accidents when moving goods through the staircase. 

4. Wear Sturdy Shoes

Slipping is one of the biggest reasons for accidents. Imagine you are carrying a box filled with fragile items through the stairs, and all of a sudden, you become imbalanced because your shoes are slippery. This is why, when you lift and carry goods, ensure you wear the proper footwear with tightly tied shoes.

The grip of the sole should be good, and avoid wearing flip-flops on the day of moving. Like a cricket batsman who wears pads to protect the legs against leather balls, a good pair of shoes helps individuals remain protected against the chance of falling.

5. Keep Yourself Hydrated And Energized.

When you are in the process of moving goods, you will get tired. Especially in the weather of India, where summer temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees, you need to stay hydrated throughout the time of relocation so that when you are burning calories, you do not slip or lose consciousness because of tiredness and lack of strength.

Here, you can keep a bottle of water with you but do not go for sugary drinks because they can give you the first sense of being energized. Taking a break in between is also a good way to keep the momentum going without getting into a situation of getting injured or having accidents during the move.

6. Keep The Moving-Day Survival Kit With You.

Even after being caused and falling through a good process to move the goods, there can be situations where you get into trouble and become injured. Here you should have a moving-day survival kit containing first aid,  pain reliever’s bandages, snacks, etc., along with a change of clothes that will help you overcome internal pain, small wounds, and other unwanted incidents such as small injuries.

Leave The Work To The Professionals

Most of the tips that have been discussed relate to situations where you are involved in packing, lifting, and transporting goods. However, the best option for you is to hire a Professional Packers and Movers company in Mumbai that will provide you with the manpower to take care of all the steps so the chances of you getting injured or confronting any kind of unwanted accident can be avoided.

Here, the credibility of the companies and the quality of the services are very important. In such a situation, using the platform of 6 Packers and Movers, which helps you find the most credible packers and movers company around your area for all types of relocation processes, from household to commercial movies to international moves, is nothing but a boon.

When you opt for the do-it-yourself method for relocating your household or commercial goods, it is advisable to remain cautious and do everything possible to avoid injuries and accidents. However, to remain cautious, you need to follow some tips that have been explained above, including the tips to package the goods properly, keep the balance right with the help of wearing the right and appropriate shoes, and use the lifting equipment to ensure the process remains smooth and without any hiccups.

Moreover, the post also highlights that there’s no better way than to hire a credible moving and packing company so that the work is completed by professionals and the chances of an injury become negligible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Ensure My Possessions Are Safe While Moving?

You must develop and implement planning for the safety of your goods. Make a checklist to help you stay organized and reduce the likelihood of mistakes. Plan and organize each step well in advance.

How Can Boxes Be Packed To Prevent Overloading And Accidents?

Follow these tips:

  • Ensure equal weight distribution: It is advisable to divide your products’ weights among the boxes in a sensible manner.
  • Go for Smart Packing: Divide your belongings to keep the box’s weight-carrying capacity reasonable for you so lifting them doesn’t lead to accidents and injuries.
  • Use labeling and marking: Put labels on boxes externally to make them easier to find and to lower the possibility of mishaps and errors.

By Neeraj Gupta

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