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Do You Need To Feed Your Movers?

On the day of moving, you and the crew that come to your place have only one thing in mind: undoubtedly, it is to complete the task of moving. However, many small things need to be taken care of, including whether to feed the crew. Even the staff and manpower that visit your place may want to know about it. However, it’s a tricky question, and it may turn into confusion, and you might make the wrong decision with it. It is not as straightforward to decide about it as it looks.

But you need not worry, as in this blog, we’ll explore the ins and outs of feeding the moving crew during the relocation process, and it will help you make the right decision.

Let’s begin by understanding the significance of offering food and being hospitable to the visiting relocation crew.

The importance of being hospitable and feeding

Just like you want hospitable guests to maintain a positive atmosphere, in a similar way, you want to set a positive tone for the day. The relocation of your goods is an important event, and you undoubtedly want it to go as smoothly as possible. Here, creating a cooperative and respectful atmosphere can benefit you, the moving team, and the whole process of transporting goods.

When we talk about your movers feeling appreciated and respected, they’re more likely to handle your belongings with care, work efficiently, and communicate effectively. A harmonious working relationship can make the moving process more pleasant and less stressful for everyone involved. However, is it necessary for you to offer food to the visiting crew from the packers and movers company? Let’s discuss it!

The legal obligations

One question that may come to mind is: Is it mandatory to be hospitable towards others, especially regarding offering food? In some countries, customers must provide regular breaks to the manpower. According to the law in India, after five hours of work, a worker must take a half-hour (30-minute) break. However, there is no stipulation regarding offering food.

Furthermore, different relocation tasks require varying amounts of time for different assignments. But if the relocation does take a long time, you will surely want to give a break to the manpower, and in such a situation, offering feed to the moving crew is appropriate. In most cases, out of courtesy, you will want to offer them something to eat.

Now, let’s move on to factor in the pros and cons of being hospitable in terms of offering food.

Pros of offering food to the moving company’s manpower and staff

1. Positive atmosphere

By offering food to the moving company crew, you can show that you are polite and hospitable to the visiting manpower. They will feel confident and surely give their 100% to the relocation.

2. Motivating

Once you offer feed to the moving crew, they will surely feel motivated. After having snacks, they will be energized and perform the task with even more zeal.

Cons of offering food to the moving company’s manpower and staff

1. Cost:

The first impact of offering snacks or making the decision to provide food can add to your moving expenses, especially if a large crew arrives. Your overall budget for moving will be impacted.

2. Potential Delays:

You cannot count out your delays if the process of offering food takes too long or the meal is high in volume. And it is something you wouldn’t like if you were moving on a tight timeline.

3. Company Policies:

You may not know, but some moving companies have policies against their employees accepting food from clients, and you need to be mindful of those.

Better Alternatives to Feeding Movers

In case you are looking for alternatives to offering a full meal to the manpower, you can try the following alternatives:

  1. Instead of a full meal, you can offer them refreshments like tea, coffee, and cold drinks, along with biscuits and other general snacks.
  2. You can also think of giving a tip instead of offering food or snacks to them.
  3. In some rare cases, you may want to offer juice and fruits, but it can be expensive.

However, in some cases, you should offer a full meal to the moving crew. Read ahead to get a better understanding of such situations on the day of moving goods.

Situations When Feeding Movers Makes Sense

1. Full-Day Moves

The first situation requires more than half a day or almost a day for completion. In such a scenario,  you can make a positive gesture by providing meals to the tiring relocation crew.

2. Early Morning or Late Afternoon Moves

Another situation is when your move starts early or extends until dinner time. Offering a meal can be particularly considerate.

3. Offer food if you are eating:

Being polite is a trait that everyone should practice. Take an example of a situation when you and your family are having a meal during the move. In this situation, it is general courtesy and politeness to offer some to the movers. They may take it or not take it, but you can offer food. Moreover, it can be hard for you to eat meals while they are hungry, so include the mover’s crew food when you cook or order food for your family.

This blog has already stated that feeding the packers and movers, company staff, and manpower can be expensive. To overcome this challenge, let’s discuss some solutions.

Cost-Effective Hospitality

If you’re on a budget, there are several cost-effective options for providing hospitality during your move:

  1. Cook Your Food: You may prepare your own food, such as sandwiches or simple meals, at home. It will be more budget-friendly than ordering catering.
  2. Communication: If you are planning to offer food, you may let your hired moving company know about your plans. By communicating, you will let them know about your intentions, and they may provide suggestions to find a solution that fits your budget.
  3. Offer Snacks: If you are on a really tight budget, just offer some tea along with biscuits.

It’s all about finding the right balance between showing your appreciation and managing your moving expenses.

Preparing for the Big Day

It is critical to plan ahead of time to ensure that everything goes smoothly on your goods  moving  day, including the aspect of feeding the crew, and the following steps will assist you with this:

  1. Make arrangements and stock up: You may buy the necessary food, drinks, and supplies that you plan to offer to the manpower and staff that are going to be there at your place a day or two before the move to avoid last-minute stress.
  2. Communicate with your hiring company: Don’t forget to communicate your plans with your moving company to ensure they are aware of your plans, as it will lead to better coordination.
  3. Plan for Dedicated Space: If you are someone who wants the whole moving experience to be a stressless one, you will be immaculate with your planning. It involves offering food or refreshments at a certain time and location. To achieve this, create a designated area where your moving company crew members can take breaks and plan the timing.

In conclusion, the decision of whether to offer food or refreshment is ultimately yours. The general courtesy calls for offering at least refreshment, and in most cases, you can offer tea, coffee, or a cold drink along with some general snacks. If the move is a big one and the timeline is tight, you may not be able to offer it as well. On the contrary, if the move is such that the crew is going to spend more than 5 to 6 hours, including at your place, during the journey, and at the destination, you may even consider offering them a full meal. However, it will prove to be a little costly for you and me to delay the relocation process.

So in all, you must make the decision based on your specific requirements, and it is better to communicate your intentions with the moving company in advance.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is It Always Necessary To Feed Your Movers?

While it is not mandatory, providing refreshments or a meal to the visiting moving company manpower and staff can help to create a positive atmosphere and build rapport with the moving crew.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Feeding Movers?

The benefits include a positive atmosphere and a motivated crew, while the drawbacks include additional costs and potential delays. Consider alternatives or offering food based on specific circumstances and budget. 

When Is It Appropriate To Provide A Full Meal To The Moving Crew?

On the day of moving, providing a full-fledged meal is appropriate only when you are relocating early in the morning or late in the afternoon, or at a time when you and your family are eating.

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