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Moving on a Budget? Here’s Where to Find Free Moving Boxes

Moving can be an expensive affair, but with a bit of planning and creativity, it doesn’t have to break the bank. One of the best ways to save money during your move is by getting free boxes.


Ask Friends And Family

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get free boxes for your move is by asking friends and family. Reach out to people you know who have recently moved and ask if they have any spare boxes that they don’t need. How many people are willing to give away their boxes may surprise you.

Examine Facebook Marketplace And Craigslist

Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are two more excellent places to seek free boxes. After their move is over, lots of people list free boxes. Look for local posts, and when you discover what you need, answer right away.

Visit Local Grocery And Retail Stores

Retail stores and grocery stores receive regular shipments of merchandise, and the boxes that they come in can be perfect for moving. Stop by your local stores and ask if they have any spare boxes.

Ask At Your Workplace

If your workplace receives shipments of products, they may have spare boxes that you can use for your move. Ask your employer if they have any boxes available for employees to take.

Check With Your Moving Company

If you’re hiring a moving company, ask if they offer free boxes. Some companies may provide boxes as part of their services, and this can save you money on buying new boxes.

Freecycle And Local Online Groups

Freecycle is a community group that aims to reduce waste by sharing items. Check your local group and request some boxes. There may be other local online groups with a similar mission that you can check too.

Recycling Centres

Check out local recycling centers near you as they are usually stocked with a plethora of boxes from local businesses. Some centers will even separate clean and reusable boxes that they have collected for individuals who want to relocate.

Community Libraries

Your local library might be your best bet if you require sturdy boxes. Many libraries receive deliveries of books and other items, which usually come in large, strong boxes. You can contact your local library to check if they have any available.

Join Next-Door

Join Nextdoor, a social networking app that connects you with people in your neighborhood. Here, you can ask your neighbors for any free moving boxes that they don’t need.

Rent Boxes

Several moving companies offer a reusable moving box rental service, which can save you money and reduce waste. Consider renting moving boxes, especially if you’re moving long-distance or internationally.

Local Schools

Check with local schools or daycare centers. They often receive large shipments of supplies that come in boxes and may be willing to part with them.

Be sure to inquire ahead of time about box sizes and availability to make your packing experience easier and more efficient. By following these tips, you can get free boxes for your move and save money in the process. Don’t forget to reuse the boxes once you’re settled into your new home or to recycle them responsibly.

The Best Time To Start Collecting Free Moving Boxes For Your Move

 It’s important to know when the best time to start collecting these boxes is so that you can be fully prepared for your move.

  1. Two Months Before The Move: The ideal time to start collecting free moving boxes is two months before your move. This gives you plenty of time to accumulate enough boxes without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. You can start by looking for boxes at local stores, grocery stores, and offices.
  2. Keep Your Eyes Open: Keep an eye out for signs in your local area advertising free boxes. This is a great way to find out about local businesses that have boxes available for pickup. You can also ask friends and family if they have any boxes they can give you.
  3. Start Online: Many websites offer free moving boxes, so start your search online. You can visit websites like Freecycle, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace to find free boxes. Be sure to check these sites regularly for new listings.
  4. Don’t Wait Too Long: The worst thing you can do is wait until the last minute to start collecting boxes. This will make your move more stressful and may result in you having to pay for boxes that could have been free. Start early, so you can focus on other aspects of your move.

Reasons Why Using Free Moving Boxes Is A Smart Choice?

Moving can be a stressful and expensive endeavor. One way to save money and make the process easier is by using free moving boxes.


  1. They’re Cost-Effective: Buying new boxes can quickly add up and put a dent in your budget. Free boxes can help alleviate some of that cost. Many businesses and organizations offer them, and they’re often in excellent condition, making them a perfect alternative.
  2. It’s Environmentally Friendly: Moving already creates a lot of waste, and purchasing new boxes adds to the problem. By using free boxes, you’re not contributing to unnecessary waste in the environment. Reusing is always better than buying new.
  3. They’re Readily Available: With the internet, finding free boxes has never been easier. Many websites and apps exist solely for this purpose. And if you don’t want to go that route, businesses like liquor stores, grocery stores, and offices always have a steady supply of boxes they’re willing to give away.
  4. They Come In Different Sizes: Different items require different-sized boxes, and free moving boxes are available in various sizes. Whether you’re packing clothes or dishes, you’ll have a box that fits your needs. No need to worry about buying the wrong size box, or even having to search for one that fits.

In conclusion, free moving boxes can be an excellent option for anyone planning to move. They can be found easily and help reduce the cost of moving while also benefiting the environment. Free moving boxes not only save you money, but they’re also environmentally friendly. Recycling used boxes is an excellent way to reduce waste and conserve natural resources.

So why not consider free moving boxes for your next move?

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FAQs About Moving Boxes

Where Can I Find Free Moving Boxes?

You can try your local grocery or retail stores as they receive shipments in large boxes and are often willing to give them away for free. You can also check online classified sites, social media platforms, and neighborhood groups for people who are giving away their moving boxes after they have moved.

Are There Any Specific Places I Should Avoid When Looking For Free Moving Boxes?

You should avoid looking for boxes in dumpsters or recycling bins as this could lead to injury or potential legal trouble. Additionally, it is important to check for any bugs or pests before taking any boxes home with you to avoid any unwanted guests.

Are All Free-Moving Boxes Of The Same Quality?

No, the quality of free-moving boxes can vary. Boxes that were originally used to transport heavy items may be stronger and sturdier than boxes that were originally used for lightweight items like cereal boxes

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